Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What's Up Wednesday: Getting Old

You may think from the title that I am referring to my old age, but in fact it's these great granny squares that are getting old!  I have made quite a few great granny squares since last Wednesday's post, but first I want to show you a few other things I am also working on.

Heart Block
 This heart block was made using Diary of a Quilter's tutorial.  Amy's instructions are very easy to follow.  However, I am ready for some blocks with not as much piecing and matching of seams ;-)

Ugly Fabric Challenge
I should keep that in mind when selecting the modern block to make for our guild's ugly fabric challenge.  This book is a great go-to book for 12" modern blocks.  I already have a few choices in mind for this challenge.  Any suggestions on how to use my "ugly" fabric?  I don't think it's ugly so I'm thinking of making a block that will showcase this fabric.

Added to the library
I've been browsing these two books on stitching.  I highly recommend them both.  I've compiled another list of projects I want to make.  I am running out of journals!

Block Seven
I was surprised to see that last Wednesday I was only up to five great granny square blocks.  I have now made twelve!  Before I forget, here is the link for the tutorial on how to make the great granny square blocks.  I was remiss in including it last week.  

Block Eight
I won't bore you with showing individual pictures of the latest seven, but they are up on Flickr if you are interested in seeing them all. 

Block Nine
I am sure I mentioned before that most of the prints in all these blocks are from Kate Spain's Serenade line.  The white used is KONA white.  

Block Eleven
Occasionally, however, I have included prints from other lines just because I was running out of combinations with the Serenade for variety.  The above block for example has Verna (also from Kate Spain) in the center.

Block Twelve
I guess I ended up showing you most of the latest seven after all.  I have to say I am ready to move on to a different project.  You may or may not see more of these great granny square blocks around here.  I do have three more blocks cut out and ready to go.  I'm thinking I might as well finish those too.  I like to have a few extra blocks in case some of them don't turn out or play well with the others ;-)

What's up with you this Wednesday?  Hope you have a wonderful one.
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  1. LOL.. Ugly fabric. I've been told that there is no such thing. "If you don't like a fabric, you haven't cut it small enough!"

    I understand giving those blocks a break. They look kinda intense. While I love the blocks and think they're cute, I prefer my piecing to be more improvisational.

  2. I love your ugly fabric! And I'm impressed with all those great granny blocks. They take a bit of time.

  3. Love your blocks! Nice work!

    Jennifer :)

  4. They are just lovely grannies - sorry to hear you're tiring of them, but at least you're in the home stretch!

    Good luck with picking a block for your not-ugly fabric! I've got that book as well and it's stuffed with little bookmarks flagging all the ones I want to try...

  5. You've got lots going on! I love working with fabrics that fall into the ugly duckling category. They were probably loved once, but fashion changes so fast!
    The granny block is on my list, just can't start one new thing until I finish a few more of the ones already in the works.

  6. I love your granny squares! I keep looking at the Little Stitches book, but haven't caved to it yet. :-) Keep plugging away on those blocks!

  7. I just LOVE granny square blocks. Love them! I have Jane Brockett's book and I have to make the needlepoint nine-patch.

  8. I would pay good money for that "ugly"'s wonderful! (IMHO)