Thursday, October 18, 2012

Really Random Thursday: Family Stuff

So my daughter has now discovered Etsy.  For Halloween, her group of friends are going as The Avengers.  I've mentioned before that I am not a big fan of Halloween.  

She loves them
For this reason, I didn't mind that my daughter took the initiative and found a pair of shoes and a t-shirt on Etsy to combine with a pair of jeans for Iron Man.  Easy peasy!

Got my pink on ;-)
Homework while tailgating
 We visited our middlest for Parents Weekend at FSU.  Love these weekends with him!  We are regulars at this particular tailgating spot.  So glad we won this time.

Have you seen this video?  They played PSY's Gangham Style during the game and the crowd went wild and started dancing.  Of course I was unfamiliar with the song/dance, but when I noticed that the older woman next to me knew what was going on, I insisted my kids educate me.  No wonder I couldn't understand the words to the's Korean....I feel better now ;-) The video grows on you.  If you decide to watch it, I will say the main dance part starts a minute into the video.

Creator of Spanx
Took a picture of this billboard while in Tallahassee.  Very cool!  I didn't know about Spanx until a few years ago.  Now couldn't live without this product ;-)

What I'm reading
 I am reading Winter of the World now.  I downloaded the free sample on my iPad after finishing Fall of Giants, but it's nice to read a "real" book every now and then.

Patchwork note cards
 I usually find inspiration from random objects while browsing Barnes & Noble.  I have quite a collection of cell phone pictures snapped of various notebooks, coffee mugs, etc. to use in some future quilt project.  I spotted this cool notecard box and thought it'd make a great quilt.  When I looked closer I realized, it WAS a picture of a quilt!  Inside are five different note card designs of patchwork from Tula Moon.  It was added to my purchases.

Growing so fast
Family fun
 Apparently Leo is experiencing cooler weather up there in the Pacific Northwest.  

Max likes the sun

  It's a little warmer here in Florida.

So how random is your Thursday?  See Cindy's blog for other randomness.


  1. These are all so great. I now (kinda) pay attention to FSU scores. YOUR FSU, I mean, not ours (Fresno State)--really don't care about ours so much...Those note cards are fabulous. I have been wanting to do a Union Jack quilt for a while now. Leo gets cuter and cuter. What is your favorite Spanx?

  2. Love your random post!! Especially the I know what to expect on next week's team dance on DWTS ;-)
    I love it when you include the fam in your posts...I miss everyone!!!


  3. Max and Leo are both so cute! Love your post. Very fun!