Monday, February 28, 2011

A little of this...

...a little of that is what I have been doing.

This AAQI mini was supposed to be finished in February, but will count toward my March goal instead.  It just needs a little quilting and binding to be complete. 
Has anyone else made any Priority: Alzheimer Quilts this month?

{While checking the AAQI links for this blog post, I noticed that one of my quilts sold.  This is always exciting.  AAQI announces on Twitter when a quilt is sold...the reason I set up a Twitter giving the quilt number, amount raised, thanking the maker of the quilt AND THE BUYER.  Thank you buyer of #6331!!!!}

Saturday was Sew Day for the OMQG.  Thanks to the creative genius of Michele and Julie, our members now receive an OMQG logo tote bag and cool name tag when they renew their membership.  So hard to believe our guild is starting its second year!

I had way too much fun chatting at Sew Day to get much done.
Somehow I did manage to make some boobs for Nina Lise's project.

Saying I am "making boobs" is quite the conversation starter ;-)
You should try it sometime...maybe at your next quilt gathering.

I made these boobs by using strips trimmed from off the sides of the Artist Palette quilt.  The instructions call for a light back fabric, and this is perfect as it already has a layer of batting.

I used blocks from  my orphan block basket, pinned them on top of the batting and followed the instructions provided on Mrs. Moen's Make a Boob blog.
I'd like to make some more before I put them in the mail to her.

Thanks for leaving me a comment on why you like blogging/blog reading.  I'm working on a power point presentation for our guild meeting discussing quilt blogs and Flickr, and it's interesting to hear how others view the topic.  

The random number generator (my daughter who picked a number between 1 and 14) chose lucky number 13 to receive the Red Centre pattern.  Mary on Lake Pulaski (we had 3 Mary's comment), it's headed your way.

Have an amazing day!!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

This One's for Me!

I'm keeping this quilt for myself!  

It has a special story and meaning to me....not to mention, I absolutely love this quilt ;-)


Toni, Amanda, Me, Shelly, Mary, Victoria, Doris, Terri, Shelly

I made {most of} the quilt top in June during a quilt retreat at Gruber's where I met IRL ten wonderful quilty, bloggy friends!  The fabric (already cut into squares) and pattern was given to me by another wonderful quilty, bloggy friend Julie.

This red Suzani fabric by Kaffe Fassett is my new favorite!  In addition to Suzani being the center fabric, I also used it for the backing and the binding.  Wendy machine quilted all over swirly circles.
I'm working on the label which will include pictures of my quilty friends.

This is where my quilt is living at the moment.  
Maybe now, my family will realize that this is MY CHAIR!

Want to make one yourself?  I am giving away the Red Centre pattern from Material Obsession.  Just leave me a comment on this post, and I will randomly draw a winner over the weekend.  For fun, I'd love to hear what it is you like about blogging and/or blog reading. 

Have an amazing day!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

One of these days

I'll get my life organized, and I can spend the entire day, every day sewing....ha....wouldn't that be nice!
So would fitting back into those Victoria Beckham Rock n Republic jeans I just gave away to my son's girlfriend...but that's another story ;-)

In the meantime, I'll keep plugging away as best I can...fitting in time here and there for my sewing fix.

For example, I sewed the binding on one side of my Retreat quilt last night while watching Criminal Minds reruns....can't get enough of those.....I believe there is a Criminal Minds marathon on today...I may actually finish sewing the binding on this one....that is if I don't fold those ten loads of clean clothes waiting for me ;-)

Max thinks this quilt is for him....he thinks that about every quilt!

Another picture of Max because he's just so darn cute!

Well, off to get my life organized!  What do you have planned today?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

They Made Me

I took three quilting projects with me to Montana, and I had high hopes of finishing all of them....
...but "they" made me sled, ski and socialize instead.

{Not so great home movie of me sledding}

 I'm so glad they did!  I had a blast seeing and meeting other families from my daughter's school who also had the brilliant idea of spending their winter break in the most beautiful place on earth!

I did manage to finish this quilt only because my daughter was sick the last day.  It's appropriate that this Basics Housing quilt was the one I completed in Montana, since I also started this in Montana on a previous ski trip.

Wendy quilted a fun stars theme which I think jazzes it up somewhat.  The backing was pieced simply with red and white fabrics.  The quilt is now headed to Basics, Inc.

Now to get on those other two projects.....

Friday, February 11, 2011


...can be expensive!

Kaffe fat quarters
I left behind an item at The Sewing Studio during our last guild meeting.  I was really good on meeting day and only purchased a couple of things.  However, that was not the case when I made a return trip to the store to pickup my forgotten portable design wall.

I didn't need anything at all, but some how I found myself asking the nice lady to cut yards of colorful velvet ric rac and coffee bean ribbon.  Not sure what I'll do with these notions, but I'm going to have fun trying to figure it out ;-)

While I was waiting for the ribbon to be cut, I spotted some Kaffe fat quarters on sale and this bundle of Robert Kaufman fat quarters.  Hmmm...maybe I forgot that design wall for a reason ;-)

In other news....I've been feeling so out of this week that I haven't even pulled out these two quilts I received from my long armer....on MONDAY!  Literally, this picture tells the story...I've only opened the box and peeked inside....very sad.

I need to prepare the binding strips and sew them on so that I can take them with me to Montana and hand sew them on by the fire.  As if things aren't crazy enough around here, SOMEONE (I'm not say who...but it isn't me) in my family has to get their skiing fix so we are taking a really quick trip to Montana for the kids' winter break.

Hope to have some finished quilts to show you next week.  
Have an amazing weekend!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Before our family discovered the mountains, we loved the beach.

AAQI #6487 Tranquility
This Priority: Alzheimer's quilt reminds me of the blue, blue skies and crystal clear water along the Gulf Coast (before the oil spill...but that's another story).

Can you tell that the batiks are their own little quilt sewn on top of the white quilted background?

Did you see that the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative added a new program called the Quilt-a-Month Club?  Of course, when I found out, I immediately signed up...Tranquility is my first quilt to join the club....but it won't be my last!

Have you thought of making a Priority: Alzheimer's quilt but need a little push inspiration?  
There is a new feature on the AAQI blog called Get Ideas which lists bloggers who frequently post pictures of their mini quilts as well as links to specific posts.

Want even more inspiration?  Check out the fabulous art quilts made by Susan, Anya, Beth, Kathy, and Michele .... actually, Michele's quilt is up for auction as we speak!

P.S.  Thanks to Riel, Susan and Beth will be receiving Flea Market Fancy fabric ... 

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blocks and Strings

This time I have quilt related pictures to share:

"normal" cross block
wonky cross block

Our guild has started a Block of the Month program, and first up is a cross block.
These two are practice blocks.

Since I was giving the how-to demo to our guild on spiderweb blocks, I decided I better learn how to make one myself ;-)  Not bad for a first try!  This tutorial (which is based on this one) was indispensable, and I highly recommend it.
I love finding uses for my leftover Amy Butler fabric!

The three liberated coin strips are completely pieced and ready for sashing.  

I picked up some dark gray fabric at The Sewing Studio for the coin quilts' "background"... well as a gorgeous purple color for a future string quilt.

It feels good to be back ..... sewing AND blogging!

Have an amazing day!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Almost There

I'm slowly getting back into a {sewing} routine and hope to post some quilting pictures soon...

Calgon Take Me Away!!! the meantime, here's my go to picture when I need a pick me up...

I'm off to the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild meeting...that should help pick me up ;-)

Have an amazing day!!!!