Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Finish: Use Your Scraps

Today's Friday Finish was actually finished a week or so ago for our Gruber's swap.  As I mentioned in the previous swap post, I retreat with some awesomely talented quilters so I knew I was going to be nervous about making a gift for one of these ladies.  The good news is these gals are also super sweet not to mention supportive and encouraging, so I took comfort in knowing that my gift would be appreciated no matter what.

Swap made
After drawing my own name a couple of times, I drew Amanda Jean's name.  Mmmm....can I have my own name back?!  Just kidding.  Remember, I said super talented AND super supportive.

Closeup of tiny scraps
In contemplating a handmade gift for Amanda Jean, I remembered how encouraging she was when I brought what would eventually become my Liberated quilt to the second retreat asking for suggestions, and how complimentary she was when I brought it back completed to our third retreat.

WIP - on the design wall
I decided to make her a small version using my scraps.  In addition to the much smaller size, I made a few other changes.  For one, the background is white instead of gray, and I used a print fabric for the backing instead of a solid.  The colorful bars are also staggered rather than side by side.

Finished - still on the design wall
I don't know how I managed to send this off without taking a proper picture, but that's what happened.  All my pictures were taken on the design wall with poor lighting.  Ugh.

Another angle
 This quilt was the first one I finished off with a facing rather than binding, and I used this facing method.  (Since then I have made several more but using this technique.)

Use Your Scraps
The quilting on this mini is different than the bigger, original version.  I quilted organic lines around the bars, and (taking a deep breath) I free motion quilted the phrase "Use Your Scraps" which is how she signed my copy of her book.

The label
Here's the back.  I wasn't planning on attaching a Rene' Creates label, but I goofed when writing the label in permanent ink and needed to cover it up.  Shhh, don't tell Amanda, but under the Rene' Creates label it says Save Your Scraps rather than Use Your Scraps.  Oops!

All rolled up
Again no pictures, but I included some sewing notions as well.  When Amanda received her package, she sent me the sweetest email.  When I saw the subject line read "oh mylanta!" (search the phrase on her blog if you don't know what I'm talking about), I had to smile!

I sure hope Amanda Jean likes the quilt I made her.  She really is a special person, and I am happy I drew her name.  

So, how funny is it that I am linking up to Crazy Mom Quilt's finish it up Friday with the quilt I made her?!  Do you have any finishes to share this Friday?

Happy stitching!


  1. This is absolutely amazingly fabulous! Wow, I'm so happy to be a part of this group of women/friends. (I would have used strikethrough if blogger commenting would have allowed it--hehe).

  2. What a beautiful gift you made! I bet she was honored to receive this work of art!

  3. Your name must have had a magnet on it or something, as I drew it a couple of times as well, but had to put it back. I love your mini and am always amazed with what you do with solids. This scrappy solid mini is beautiful!!!

  4. This is a really adorable quilt. The colors are wonderful, and you have a great design there. I think you have a very good handle on "modern." Good for you! And happiness for the quilt recipient!

  5. Great quilt and a wonderful story to go with it.

  6. As nervous as you might have been, the quilt turned out fsntantic? Way too go. I'm sure Amanda loved it.

  7. Wow! How wonderful! You have nothing to be nervous about! It is AWESOME! Okay, I'm feeling like a schmuck with the little thing I sent you!

  8. I would have totally stressed making a quit for Amanda Jean! I love the Freudian slip of Save your scraps instead of Use!

  9. ok, so i'm laughing. because i'm finally writing my post about the swap, i wrote save your scraps, too! what are the chances??? it was meant to be. now it will only make me smile even more every time i see the label, knowing what is behind it. :)

    thank you so very much, Rene. I really, truly love my mini quilt. can't wait to get a new sewing space so i can hang it up.