Monday, June 30, 2014

June Blocks

June bee blocks have been mailed...

diamond string blocks
Diamonds for Mid-Century Modern Queen Bee Linda....

Belle Wave blocks

sewing themed block
I also got a head start on our guild's August block of the month.  I have made several of these wagon wheel blocks, and I just can't get enough.  It's a good thing too, because this will be July's Wish Circle bee block.  

Bring on July!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Really Random Thursday: Visiting

Going back to my hometown means not only checking on the parental units visiting my parents but also eating some really, really good food I just can't get anywhere else.  

We usually hit up a few local favorites like BB's PoBoysEdd's Drive-In and Rob's BBQ on the Side, and if we're lucky, my dad boils some shrimp (like no one else!!!) and whips ups a batch of our family secret recipe Harper sauce.

free poster and charm bracelet
If you haven't read the book The Fault in Our Stars yet, go read it!  Then, go see the movie!  My daughter has been a huge fan of both John and Hank Green long before the movie was announced.  (She has educated me on topics such as vlogbrothers, nerdfighters, dftbamental floss, John Green teaching history and others.)

Knowing all this, there was no way I could say no (nor did I want to say no) to The Night Before Our Stars special live streaming Q&A event.  My daughter did some research and found a movie theater 60 miles away close to my hometown participating.  We found out that night that only 650 theaters were part of The Night Before Our Stars.  The movie was pure perfection (heartbreakingly beautiful according to Ally), and the Live Q&A made me understand my daughter's fangirl crush on John Green!   
adding to my collection
We stayed with my middlest on the way there and back which is always nice.  He gave me this New Orleans Starbucks mug to add to my collection.

adult beverage
Ate at another favorite restaurant and tried a huckleberry margarita.  Not bad!

Saw this sign for new condos and had to laugh.  The rendition looks pretty and all, but that's not the way football fans dress for tailgating!

photo of photographers
 On the way home we stopped by my sister's to meet my new great-nephew!  He's SO sweet, and I was so happy to hold him.  We had a fun photo shoot on the Peace Quilt my sister made her grandson.  I took hundreds of several photographs of baby and quilt, and there are some great shots, but I love this one with the cell phones snapping pictures.  If Michelle doesn't blog about her Peace Quilt soon, I will.  Just saying'!

QuiltCon planning
Who's planning their schedule for QuiltCon?  I am finding it difficult making decisions and juggling class time with friend time and show time and eating time and sleeping time and....

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What's Up Wednesday: Quick Gifts

Pinterest is a great resource when searching for quick gift ideas.  This project has been pinned on my Cute Craftiness board for a while.

Designer Face Fluffs
Originally, it was the bright colorful fabrics that caught my eye.  Isn't that how it usually goes when browsing Pinterest?  I guess that's what they mean by eye candy.  

nice stack of pretties
 The tutorial to make these face fluffs was easy to follow with plenty of photographs.  It wasn't until I started pulling supplies for the project that I read one of the "ingredients" is cotton knit sherpa which is the only item I needed to order.   If you happen to need some sherpa, I ordered mine from Nature's Fabrics.

supplies prepped
 The tutorial suggests using 6" squares.  Fabric, batting and sherpa is all you need.  I stitched a practice one using a 5" charm scrap and then made a bunch with a 6" charm pack (can you call it a charm pack if the squares aren't 5"?!) of Anna Maria Horner I had on hand.

gifts for friends
Two face fluffs tied with bakers twine onto a nice bottle of shower gel makes a quick and pretty gift for friends.  My thought was to pair the face fluffs with some fancy face wash, but I couldn't find it at my local go to fancy  gift shop ;-)

Do you have a go to handmade gift you recommend?  Please share.  Thanks for stopping by.
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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Happy Birthday!

So, this little guy turned two!!!  What's a birthday without a quilt?!

He loves it!
I did not finish a quilt in time for Leo's birthday, but luckily for him, his great-grandmother is on the ball!  My mom made (and mailed) this super cute quilt for Leo well before the big day along with a box of toys.  Leo discovered the box and immediately wrapped himself in his quilt ignoring the toys.  That's my boy!

fun quilt for playing with cars
The quilt is a kit from Fat Quarter Shop, I believe.  The top is so cute with roads and other places to visit with his toy cars. 

the back
The backing is a fun fabric with various cars, trucks and commercial vehicles.

My  mom makes the best labels!
Here's a closeup of the label.  My mom is so clever to include a photograph of the recipient with each quilt she makes!

custom neighborhood quilt
Over Thanksgiving at my mom's house, Leo played with a quilt made AND designed by great-great Granny Ellzey which features important places in her hometown.

Happy happy birthday Leo!!
If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that Leo lives extremely far away, and I am very thankful to see him relatively often considering the distance.  However,  I wasn't able to attend this year's birthday party, but his mom sent me lots of pictures and videos!

such a cutie!!
This is a picture from his first birthday party which I was fortunate to attend.  They grow up so fast, don't they?!

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Mini Monday: Blocks and Bags

After receiving a couple of these cute drawstring bags as gifts (thanks Cindy!), I was thrilled to finally make one myself.  The pattern by Jeni Baker of In Color Order is wonderfully written and easy to follow.

the Everything Bag
I love that there is no interfacing, stabilizers, fusibles, or zippers involved! It was satisfying pulling fabrics I have collected for Leo projects.  The race car fabric is Michael Miller, Riley Blake fabric is used for the drawstring and top of the bag, and I am not sure about the dot fabric used for the lining. I ordered Jeni's lined drawstring bag pattern which includes instructions for making eight different sizes as well as directions for customizing, but she also has a free tutorial version on her blog.  The Everything Bag is the size I made.  There will be more drawstring bags popping up here, I can tell you that!

Circle of Flying Geese

May bee blocks completed and mailed with two days to spare.   I was equally excited and terrified when I read that Caitlin had selected this Colorwheel Geese block for the Wish Circle at do. Good stitches.  I have seen some amazing projects made with this block and even pinned the tutorial, but never thought I could actually pull it off.  That's the good thing about are pushed creatively.  You know how I feel about paper doesn't like me.  Well, I think we may be growing on each other.  This block (once I printed out the pattern properly) was surprisingly straight forward to assemble.

Carla's arrow block
Carla has come up with another cool bee quilt concept for our MCM Bee! She is collecting arrow blocks pieced according to her own tutorial as well as the leftovers which I am sure she will incorporate brilliantly.  I love Carla's first MCM Bee quilt and know this one will be awesome as well.

Happy Monday and happy June!
School is out for my youngest....where did that first year of high school go?!
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