Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Finish: Liberated Amish

Yes!!!!  I FINALLY finished my Liberated Amish Challenge wall quilt.  It's about time!!!

Quilting without a walking foot
The quilt top has been staring at me from my blog header for over two years now, mocking me.  If you  want the history on this quilt, you can read the first post here,  see more progress made in this post, and here is where i decided to rip out all the quilting.

Center quilted
I am really pleased with the design and piecing of the quilt top but have never liked the various methods I attempted for the quilting.  Several months ago I pulled the rebasted quilt out of the closet and quilted a square spiral in the center with black thread using my walking foot.  I also quilted organic lines in the black strips radiating out from the center.

Juki Junior
Once again I put the quilt away to work on another project, but yesterday I was determined to finish this quilt once and for all.  The problem was I couldn't remember the brilliant plan I came up with for quilting the borders and letters, and wouldn't you know my machine decided to experience technical difficulties and jammed.

Liberated Amish
In no mood to deal with the problem, I pulled out Junior and quilted wavy organic lines with my favorite variegated thread using the zig zag foot (it was either that or the buttonhole foot).  This decision turned out to be a big pain in the @*$ with less than perfect results, but I.AM.DONE.WITH.THIS.QUILT and do not want anything else to do with it am ready to ship it off to Montana.  I used the facing method again rather than binding, and all that is left is to hand stitch it to the back.

This morning I found time to check out June, my big Juki. think maybe it needs a good cleaning?!  I recently changed the needled, oiled the machine and clean dust out of the bobbin area...guess I forgot to look under the hood ;-)

What did you finish this week?  Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I really like your liberated Amish. You could send it to CA if you are really needing a break from it. I'll gratefully babysit it for awhile! I'm always surprised when I look under the hood--even with using good quality thread--there is TONS of lint!

  2. Great job, Rene'. It is wonderful. Way to persist. Yeah, I'd say there's a little cleaning needed! I get lots of lint, too!

  3. It's so lovely! Way to go finishing this. Turned out so fabulous. Don't you love that sight when you open up your sewing machine after a few months of sewing? I always laugh at myself when I discover mine is full of dust and lint and thread bits.

  4. Oh, Rene' . . . it is just wonderful! It must feel like a huge accomplishment to get that out of the way and the results are just fantastic. The colors and design of this quilt are fantastic. And, the plus is that when you get it to Montana you will be awfully close to little Leo!

  5. yay for finishing this wonderful quilt. aiyee,that poor machine.

  6. YOur quilt is gorgeous! Hooray for a finish! That dust piles up FAST on my machine!

  7. yippeeeeee! I like that quilt! I hear ya bout the lint elephants (mine are not dust bunnies, they are lint elephants) in the machine. A good brushing and a bit of detailing and it will be history!

  8. There's nothing like a FINISH!! But I do the same thing- come up with a great plan...don't write/draw it....put the project aside...forget the plan. :D

    We put our machines through a lot, don't we? My old Singer (1957) complains when I neglect it but purrs when I take care of it!

  9. Don't you wish our girls could just sneeze? I am sure I would get the hint Bette then! I do the same thing!