Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Unwrapping Happiness

I can finally show you the wonderful swap goodies I received from my good friend Stephanie a week or so ago.

Pretty packaging
At the end of our Gruber's retreat, the eight of us drew names for swapping happies.  I was super excited because I knew that no matter who drew my name, I would score some sweet stuff because all my retreat friends are super talented.  The flip side of this was MAKING a happy for one of these talented ladies, but that's a story for Friday another day ;-)

"Sixting" - sisters texting ;-)

When the box arrived I squealed in delight seeing the return address and realizing I was the lucky recipient of Stephanie's sewing genius.  Before opening the package,  I took a picture with my phone of the box and the shipping label and sent it to my sister.

First reveal
I then took my sweet time unwrapping the goodies, savoring (and photographing with my real camera) each step along the way ignoring the impatient texts coming from my sister.   Unfolding the first section of colorful tissue paper revealed this super cute Itty Bitty Duffle and unique box of chocolate. 
By the way, this "What the fudge" Zzang chocolate really does take "candy bars back to full flavor".....YUMMO!

Check out the zipper pull
At the retreat, we all marveled over a similar scrappy Lucy's Crab Shack little duffle Stephanie had with her, so much so that I ordered the pattern.  I haven't made one yet (shocking, I know), but I read through it enough to appreciate the effort and thought Stephanie expended to make this one for me.  What makes Stephanie's version so special (besides the fact that she made it) is the use of scraps of Lucy's Crab Shack fabric and the most adorable coordinating zipper pull.

Treasures hidden inside
Inside my duffel, Stephanie tucked several rolls of washi tape and the tiniest pincushion I have ever seen.  Love, love, love!

Colorful paper products
Unwrapping the tissue further, I found more goodies.  Stephanie also gave me this Pantone inspired notebook screen printed by a friend and a fun coffee-themed note card.  I love all things paper and can't get enough notebooks or note cards!!!

Love me some stationery 
It is obvious that Stephanie put much thought, time and creativity into my gift, and I am so appreciative!  Thank you again Stephanie for my happies!!!!!  


  1. Whoo hoo - lucky you Rene'! Stephanie certainly made you "happy"!! Whose idea was this? It was a good one.
    Off to post my "happy" - you won't believe what I got!!

  2. Don't you just love the post! Such happy, tiny wonders of joy that remind us of good times and friends!

  3. You did score ;-) Isn't Stephanie the bomb???? Awesome Happies!!

  4. That is a squee-worthy package... that button charm is just so stinkin' cute!!!!!!

  5. I am so happy you liked it, Rene'! It was a total pleasure making it for you. I had fun making it for you and thinking about you the whole time. I thought it was so funny, because about a day after I ordered the washi tape from etsy, you posted about washi tape on your blog! I hope you like it. The colors seemed appropriate for you!

  6. Super adorable! MY posts are coming tomorrow and Friday!

  7. What a great package full of goodies! I love those little duffels Stephanie makes - so adorable. I also love Kate Blair's work. You are a lucky gal!

  8. Such a fabulous package. I bought that pattern too--and haven't made anything either. Hmmm. Maybe we should have a sew-along...