Sunday, December 2, 2018

Guild Retreat and Checking In

So, hey there!! Thought I would pop back in here at Blogger since I have heard some of you still are having a problem with my SquareSpace feed updating on your blog. If you don't mind, can you check your settings for me and change it to ? I think adding the /blog is what will do it.  Thanks!

My latest post is all about our recent guild retreat. You can click here to read the post over on SquareSpace. 

I signed up for the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge in hopes I will get back on a blogging and blog reading routine. I posted on Instagram just now about a problem I am having when I try to leave a comment on any Blogger blog. Anyone have issues like this? I am signed in to Blogger but when I visit another blog (or even mine) it does not recognize that I am "Signed In" so I am unable to leave a comment with my Google account. Obviously I am signed in; Blogger is allowing me to post. It's extremely frustrating, especially since I put aside the entire day to get caught up on my favorite blogs. Ugh!

In the meantime, I just wanted to say Hi! and remind everyone to switch their settings for my blog to .

Happy stitching,