Thursday, October 25, 2012

Really Random Thursday: Not Much

Browsing through my photographs for the week, I'd say it wasn't very random.  Must have been all that sewing I accomplished ;-)

American Flag from childrens' hand prints
This banner at a local car wash never fails to grab my attention, and I finally thought to take a picture.  The hand prints are from nearby elementary students.  Love this!

Love me some passion fruit
I go through quite a few of these greek yogurts a day.  So glad my neighborhood food store finally restocked the passion fruit variety!  It's almost like dessert....almost.

Outdoor concert
My daughter's school orchestra put on an outdoor concert last weekend.  Like last year's event, the weather was perfect!  The theme was Harry Potter, and the kids did a fabulous job!  My daughter was a little upset that only the high schoolers got to wear Harry Potter scarves though.  Her teacher, her teacher's mom and some of the students made the fun scarves that I didn't photograph.  It was very cool that the mom in question was viewing the concert out of state via Skype.

Pink ribbon clogs
My daughter requested that I not wear my pink ribbon Danskos to the concert (or at any time while on school property).  I realize they are a bit bright, but kind of fun, don't you think?!

Pink toes

Instead I wore open toe sandals to show my bright pink toenail polish.  I only received an eye roll for that decision.

Blingy notepad
 October is almost over, but I am still finding fun pink ribbon products out and about.  While at Staples, these cute notepads grabbed my attention at the register.

Pink stuff
JoAnn's usually has some pink ribbon sewing kits, but the other day I found this measuring tape.  Can never have too many of those lying around.  I also picked up a pair of bright pink quilting gloves.  They technically aren't for breast cancer awareness, but I like them anyway.

Even my husband contributed to the theme.  He made this pink ribbon from his straw wrapper the last time we dined at Ted's.  

Thanks again Cindy for hosting these Really Random Thursdays!  
So how random was your Thursday?
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  1. Great randomness as usual. Love that flag. Wish I could play the violin.

  2. love the flag, and the pink toenails!

  3. You are such a cool mom, I can't believe even you embarrass your daughter. Teenagers...
    Love the pink Danskos, and you are so good to support the pink ribbon campaign all month long every year. I waste all of my time focusing on that dumb holiday... ;-)

  4. You sure know how to rock the pink ;-) Love the picture of your talented and beautiful...just like her mom!

  5. I love your hot pink shoes. Those are awesome. Don't' let her deter you! LOL. Love that flag!