Thursday, October 4, 2012

Really Random Thursday: Pink October!

It's October, so you know what that means.  No, I'm not talking about cool autumn weather and the beautiful colors of fall.  There isn't any of that here at the moment where I live.  For me, October is all about the color pink.

Pink Ribbon bagel
It's only the fourth day of October, and I have already consumed two pink ribbon bagels.  Hey, don't judge; they are only available during the month of October!  I don't expect to continue consuming bagels at this rate, but I will order one on October 12th when my local Panera will donate 100% of the proceeds to MD Anderson Orlando.

Good deal
Interweave has a promotion going on until tomorrow (October 5th) where they are donating 30% of their sales to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  Of course I took advantage of this promotion to pick up a few magazines.

Pink pedicure
I got my toe nails painted hot pink yesterday.  My feet are happy now.

Pink ribbon sandals
My flip flops match my nail polish.  It wasn't very easy to get a picture of the side of my shoes.  Can you see the pink ribbon there?

Pink ribbon wine
Saw some good friends I haven't seen in a while this evening which was wonderful.  As my daughter likes to say "good times!"!  I had to snap a quick picture of this very cool and appropriate wine bottle label.

Who knew?
Aren't these napkins cute too?  I had a blast hanging out with the girls and talking clothes and fashion.  Anyone ever been to a Cabi party?  This is the first one I have been to in a while.

Tank tops - one in every color

I needed to see and hear about the latest fashions.  This is what I usually wear layered with a t-shirt, a pair of jeans, flip flops and my hair up in a clip.  But hey, I almost have a Kona card type selection of Target tank tops to choose from, so at least there is variety in my wardrobe ;-)

Moo cards
I ordered new Moo cards with updated quilt pictures, and they arrived in this fancy box.  Love their packaging.   I'm still playing around with different types of cards.  I like that Moo gives you the option of having a different picture on each card, but I'm not sure the color quality is the best.  Anyone have a recommendation of where to order cards?

Cutie Pie
Here's a recent Leo picture.  I sure do miss this little guy.

Baby in the house
Max isn't quite as cute, but he does keep me company ;-)

So how random is your Thursday?  See more random posts over at Cindy's blog.


  1. Oh my gosh, Leo is a doll. Love his grin.

  2. I love your dedication to Breast (Cancer) Awareness Month...haha (yes, I am thinking of a little story you shared a year or two ago). All the NFL players and refs were out on the field last night decked out in pink supporting such a worthy cause. I mentioned to a friend yesterday that I havent' worn pink all month unless you count my chipped off pink toe nail polish. Your pictures are great. Leo and Max are both adorable!! Love to all :)

  3. I look forward each week to your Really Random Thursday postings; and I am never disappointed. They are so interesting and, of course, any time that I get to see a picture or Leo and Max that is just great. They are both too cute.

  4. I love this pink post. I need to get my Moo card order in. Still working on it! :-) Leo is about the cutest guy EVAH!