Monday, October 22, 2012

Mini Monday: Pajama Pants

In an attempt to learn how to sew expand my sewing skills, I tried my hand at a pair of PJ pants.  I used this tutorial I found while browsing the internet. 

PJ bottoms
There are quite a few tutorials out there, but I like the only-one-seam feature of this particular pattern.  I would have liked more instruction with certain aspects, but they are probably sufficient for someone who sews regularly.

Step One:  make your pattern
The first step is making the pattern.  I used a pair of PJ bottoms from my drawer and a roll of craft paper I have had since my oldest was a kindergartener.  There is an advantage to hoarding! 

Gorgeous Karavan fabric
 The fabric is Valori Wells Karavan from my stash.  The pattern is pinned on the fold to alleviate one of the seams.  In addition, I doubled up the fabric so I only had to pin and cut once.  

Self portrait
I deviated from the pattern in that I didn't add contrasting cuffs because I wanted a fuller, capri style bottom.  Even though there is room for improvement, I am pleased with my first pair!

On to the next pattern
For the next pair, I am planning more of a lounge pants style that is roomier in the waist and longer.  I might even try adding the contrasting cuff.

Happy stitching!  Thanks for stopping by,


  1. These are so cute! I could live in pajama bottoms!!

  2. I'm SO proud of you! You sew now!!!

  3. Way to go Rene'!!!! They look the fabric choice. But please, don't even THINK about talking me into any sewing ;-)))))

  4. I love this! Congrats for doing this! Well done! And it's 3D!!!!

  5. Cute. Good for you. And yes, Stephanie is right--it IS 3D!

  6. I love your pants. I would love to give It a try on it.


  7. Way to go, Rene'! I find that pants are not the easiest thing to make so I am very impressed.I love the fabric also.

  8. Good job Rene'. Pretty soon you'll be helping your mom with dresses. PJs look good!