Thursday, October 11, 2012

Really Random Thursday: Casual Observations

Who knew fly fishing and sewing use similar supplies and techniques?

Luscious colors
By looking at the above picture, one might think it was taken at my LQS.  Instead, these drawers of brightly colored thread were spotted inside my husband's LFFS (local fly fishing shop).  These threads are used for tying flies.

Sign for Florida, not Montana, fishing store
Don't think my husband bought the idea that our obsessions hobbies are closely related ;-)

Think she got carried away with the exclamation points?!
My husband just celebrated a birthday (he's much older than me...ha!), and my daughter decorated his cake with M&Ms the way her grandmother used to when her dad was growing up.  So cute.

No orange and blue combos in this house
Her cousins sorted the leftover M&Ms by color and this bowl was labeled "Rejects".  If you are not a Gator fan are a Seminole fan you will understand why ;-)  These orange and blue candies found their way into the garbage can.

Do you take your own reusable bags when you go shopping?  I am pretty good about remembering to do so when I am grocery shopping, but I often forget when shopping at other places such as Target for example.  However, I remembered last time and brought four reusable bags with me.  Somehow the cashier managed to squeeze all my purchases into one bag, when I would normally find myself walking out with at least three plastic Target bags.  Seriously?!  Why can't they do that when using their plastic bags?  Could it have something to do with the $.05 they give you for each bag you bring in (and here's the key) and is used...hmmm.....
Need help
I was shopping the other day for a dress to wear to a luncheon and needed some advice from a friend.  My usual uniform of jeans and a tank top would not be appropriate for the occasion.  Don't you love the convenience of technology at times like this?  Help, asked and received, was forthcoming almost immediately ;-)

Won in a giveaway
Did you notice the cute phone case?  I actually won that in a Twitter giveaway courtesy of Pantone and Adobe Creative Cloud.  It happens to be my favorite color.  Cool, huh?  It's been a while since I  have won a giveaway.

Colorful music
I added two more KONA color inspired playlists on my iTunes - denim and lipstick.  Denim is full of my workout tunes.  Why denim you may ask?  To remind me how I want to fit into my favorite jeans!

My baby with his baby
Rubba dub dub
Closing with a Leo picture.  He just turned four months old.  I couldn't be there to throw him a party, but I will be there for when he turns five months!

So how random was your Thursday?  See other random posts at Cindy's place.


  1. Happy Birthday to your husband. M&Ms is much safer than a cake covered in candles! My husband just celebrated his birthday yesterday...58! Wow, that's old! (Um, I turned 58 this summer, so I guess I'm even older.) :)

    Don't you LOVE being a grandma? It's pretty near the top of the wonderful list!

  2. Cutest baby! Why aren't any pics of drooling grandma?

  3. What? He didn't understand that fishing and quilting are intimately related??? :-)

    I had to laugh about the tossed M&Ms - seems like chocolate abuse - but I admire your hard-core fan mentality! I watch a few too many teams and sports with varying colour combos to ever start banning candy. Especially since orange is my favourite colour (but I hate the Flyers with a passion…! lol)

  4. Love your Leo pics!!! He just gets cuter and cuter :) How wonderful it is that your daughter is carrying on her Granny's tradition with birthday cakes!!! So proud that you threw out those ugly M&Ms!!! Would love to have that collection of fishing thread for quilting...awesome colors ;-)

  5. The M&M rejects! Happy b-day for hubby. You look awesome in that dress. Wish I had your figure! I love your pantone phone cover. How awesome! And I would have been coveting that thread tying or not!