Thursday, June 16, 2016

Quilts for Pulse

  We flew to Spain Friday/Saturday to spend two weeks with Eric as he finishes his year of teaching in Mora.  Our first morning waking up in Spain was to the news of mass casualties at an Orlando nightclub.  Later we were to learn that 49 people were murdered.  You've probably read all the news reports and know (more than I being out of the country) what I am talking about.

 I don't know whether it's been a good or bad thing that I have not been exposed to constant news developments on the attack.  I DO know how helpless I feel at the moment being so far away.  I ALSO KNOW that quilters are once again coming together to show their love and support of others!
 Our OrlandoMQG President and many, many others have worked tirelessly to formulate a plan to deliver quilts to the survivors, loved ones of the victims, and first responders.  The goal is huge, but so is the love of quilters.  

There isn't anything I can do at the moment (not even sew a block) other than help spread the word, share the links and thank those who are already sewing their hearts (pun intended) out! 

So here are a few links with information on helping the #QuiltsForPulse project:

The blocks should be mailed by August 15 and quilts by September 15.  Please add the #QuiltsforPulse to your photos on Instagram and if you want to smile, browse that hashtag and see how many people are already involved in making blocks and quilts as well as companies donating quilt supplies.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who is helping this project. Love does win!
Happy stitching,

Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Finish: Swap Pouch

Popping in to share the wide open zip pouch I made for my Glamp Stitchalot partner.  I used Noodlehead's free tutorial and made the medium size pouch.  

Leftover flying geese parts in favorite prints and low volume background paired with essex linen make up the top, and I cut into my Carolyn Friedlander Carkai prints for the bottom and the lining.

I will do just about anything to avoid using interfacing, so I quilted the outside panels of the bag before assembling to give it some substance.  

I also made my partner a thread catcher using Crazy Mom Quilts pattern and opted for the quilted version.  I love the notebook paper fabric that I recently found at my LQS in the bargain bin.

Both items were stuffed with lots of goodies, and my partner seemed happy which makes me happy!  Each time I participate in a swap, I say it will be my last ;-))

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts.  I'll pop back in later with all the fun details on Glamp.  Until then, have a fantastic weekend!