Monday, June 29, 2015

June Blocks

Our MCM Bee added new members this year and rearranged months, so I get to be Queen Bee sooner.  That's the reason I am giving for not having my Dresden quilt finished before requesting new blocks!  I was so proud of completing my first bee quilt before the second round that I wanted to keep it up.

bubble block in blue
I chose Aylin's bubble block this time around and my bee mates have been gracious in making this block for me.  It's not the quickest that's for sure. 

slightly crooked picture of Elizabeth and Susan's blocks
Susan pointed out that four of these blocks make up our bee logo.  Very cool!  The pattern can be purchased here.  You can search Instagram using the hashtag #MCMBee or #midcenturymodernbee to see other blocks made by our bee members and #aylinnilyabubbles to see other blocks made using this pattern.

House block 1
House blocks were requested for Wish Circle bee.  I made these while out of town so my fabric choices were quite limited, but I think they are quite cute.  We used this tutorial if you'd like to make some yourself.
House block 2
Amanda Jean's block for Sew Sisters bee will be made while on retreat.  This is the first time retreating since our bee started so it should be quite fun making bee blocks together.

It's nice to have my blocks completed and blogged in the same month!
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Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Finish: Heart Pillow

Happy Friday!  I am back from visiting my grandson and spent a little time yesterday in my sewing room.  Ignoring the mess that needs cleaning, I finished a small WIP that was 90% complete.  Just that little accomplishment feels so good!

heart pillow
I love Jen Kingwell's new book Quilt Lovely and her courthouse steps pillow.  She cleverly changed up the layout of the traditional block so they form a heart shape.  I enlarged the block with thoughts of making a quilt.  After making one block though, I decided to make it into a pillow instead.  In the future I may revisit the quilt idea.

Liberty makes the back so soft.
The pillow back is a Liberty of London fat quarter.  Actually using my precious Liberty makes me happy.

purple hand stitching
I quilted lines with my walking foot and then used Perle Cotton 8 to big stitch around the heart shape.  I'd like to do more of this.  I love the look it gives and the stitching itself is relaxing.

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I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  
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Monday, June 8, 2015

Great Granny Square Block

When I shared my Sew Sister bee blocks, I had not decided on May's block for Michelle.
She requested any block that had meaning for us....first block pattern ever made, a favorite block, a block we have always wanted to try, etc.  In the end I chose a great granny square block as we had collaborated on a great granny square quilt for our mom's 70th birthday.

that's better
All print fabrics are Cotton+Steel, Michelle's favorite fabric line.  Originally all the fabrics were selected as a representation of our childhood, but I goofed on the center block (see below).  Now the center block represents where we retreat annually; the kitties/tigers are kind of an inside joke between us.  I am terrified of cats (although there is an old picture of me holding a kitty) and refer to this print as a tiger.  Michelle loves cats and calls this print a kitty cat.  Of course, we played jacks and had viewfinders as children.  I went with Kona Robins Egg as the background which is another favorite of Michelle's.
Here is my original block where I didn't take into account this block is squared on point.  I unstitched the center section and recut those squares but did not have anymore Mississippi print.

making do 
I didn't want to waste that Mississippi block, so I incorporated it into a 6" block with more tiger fabric.

small size spiderweb block
Spiderweb blocks are a recent obsession, so I had to make one for Michelle.  I used this tutorial for assembling but changed the dimensions so the block measures 12" finished.

She has received her blocks now, and I'm so glad she likes them.  I can't wait to see what she does with the different blocks made for her.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Finish: Passport Holders II

The passport holders I made a few weeks ago are a bit small, so I tweaked the pattern and made a bigger set for my daughter and her friend.

the two sizes
The new size is just a tad wider and taller making it easier to slide the passport in and out.  I did away with the vinyl pocket as I really don't want my daughter's personal information available for all to see.  I also added an extra zipped section at the top for carrying a cell phone, money, credit card, etc.  Instead of cording, I stitched up a fabric strap.  It's not the most polished bag, but as I "don't do 3d sewing", I consider it a success.

love the London fabric
Hopefully, my daughter is enjoying her European trip.  Although we have been texting, I have yet to see any pictures.   She is not like her mother in this respect ;-))  

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Hope you are enjoying this first Friday in June!  
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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wish Circle

These bow-tie blocks for May's Wish Circle were a joy to make. 

These are like little pieces of candy!
Cluck Cluck Sew's tutorial is simple to follow; time permitting, I could make these all day long!

grays, white and orange
love the pop of orange
Birds in the Air for April....

one blue
one pink
Hearts for March...

love using fabric designed by friends
another in pink
Double pinwheels for February...

Think I'm all caught up posting by bee blocks for Wish Circle.  Yay!
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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

MCM Bee Blocks

I'm in the process of determining which projects I have actually blogged about.... Bee blocks for MCM Bee are current, but January was the last block I shared here on the blog.

Lemon cake with raspberry filling
Carla requested cakes...

Dresden block in blues and low volume
Cindy combined two bees for making Dresden blocks...

quite a few pieces in this block ;-)

so happy to pull my Liberated Quiltmaking II off the bookshelf
Carla wants baskets for what I know will be a beautiful quilt.....

June's Queen Bee is me!!!  I will be posting my block details in the next day or two....
Stay tuned for that and for an update on my Wish Circle bee blocks.
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