Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Finish: More than one

I actually have three finishes to share today.

Three Blocks
Remember the great granny square quilt my sister and I made for our mom's 70th birthday?  I made a quilt for my sister using three of the leftover blocks and finished it just in time for our trip home.  This quilt top came together quickly once I sat down to sew.  Once again, I spent more time thinking about the quilt design than I did assembling.

sideways view
The layout is the same as the Got Pink? quilt I made for my mom years ago.  The background fabric is Kate Spain's Fandango which I absolutely love.  The fabric is so soft.

the back
I also used Fandango for the back (with a little bit of Picnic Parade by Jenean Morrison) and for the binding.  I quilted loops with some free form flowers thrown in here and there.  This was my first time using Aurifil thread, and I have to say I am hooked!  I now see what all the fuss is about.

the front
I really need to do better about taking quilt pictures.  I quickly snapped some indoor photos before our trip thinking I would get some later and then promptly forgot all about that.  I did get a cute picture of Michelle dozing under her new quilt, but I don't think she would forgive me if I posted it here.

one more
I promised a picture of Leo's quilt rack with more quilts.  If you compare this picture to the other one I posted yesterday you can tell the quilts get rotated.  It is obvious that the quilts in his house are used frequently.  I like that.

Leo's quilt rack 
The Leo quilt is a new addition.  I finished this right before his birthday.  This project has been in the works for over a year.  Most of the siggy blocks were decorated at the baby shower with others sent to out of town relatives to sign.  This time the procrastination was not entirely mine....seems this trait runs in BOTH sides of Leo's family.  The quilt is backed with Turquoise Bubbles from Jenn Ski Mod Century fabric line.  Using a sample of Aurifil thread I received in my QuiltCon goody bag, I quilted straight lines round the letters and 1/4" from the seam lines of the blocks.  The green Aurifil thread matched the background color perfectly.

baby blanket
I also stitched a little blanket for Leo's first birthday using yardage of Malka's new Simple Marks fabric for the front and backed with a denim-looking flannel.  First I basted and quilted the top together with the batting in straight lines on either side of the "blocks".  Then with right sides together I sewed the backing piece to the quilted front leaving room to turn right side out.  Lastly, I topstitched all around sewing closed the opening.

makes a soft play mat
My original quilt planned for Leo is too big for a one year old, and since I was pressed for time anyway, this blanket makes a colorful alternative.  I can imagine Leo sitting on the blanket while playing with his toys.

another cell phone picture
The Peace Baby quilt I made when Leo was born also used fabric from Malka Dubrawsky (A Stitch in Color).  I call them his Florida quilts ;-)

I'm linking up with Crazy Mom Quilt's finish it Friday.  Happy stitching!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Really Random Thursday: Hello, hello, hello...

...testing, testing...anyone still out there?

love Bernadette's rants
When I last posted over two months ago, the reason I gave for my absence was my missing mojo, and that was definitely an issue.  However, I also have been traveling so much that I haven't had a chance to sew.  Heck, I can't remember what day it is or even what time zone I am in!

I may have misjudged the size of this puppy when ordering online
How appropriate that my comeback starts with a Really Random post as since last I've seen you I have made two trips to see this guy, taken two school trips with daughter, visited the parental units with my sister, and celebrated several family milestones.

learning his colors
Did you know Pantone makes baby flash cards?  Yep, kids these days are learning more sophisticated colors than just your typical red, green and yellow.

Happy Birthday!
Leo's daddy would have loved his own personal ball pit when he was little!  Such a clever gift to celebrate a first birthday.

great marketing
Spotted this sign at the Lush store in Seattle (above) and this sign at my daughter's school (below).

yes indeed
Did you know there was an app for that?

tuning our instruments
While traveling with my daughter's middle school orchestra I got a kick out of their digital tuner.

celebrating my daughter's 14th birthday
The second school trip with my daughter occurred on her birthday.  Happy to see friends signing her National History Day shirt while eating cookies baked by another friend.

what the what?
My sister and I had fun at the "magic box".  First time renting from Red Box.  It is truly a magical experience.  I swear there is some guy hiding else do you explain it?!

The Real Thing
Visiting the parental units just isn't complete without a trip to BB's for a shrimp poboy.  We may or may not have also made a trip to Bozo's on the same day for dinner.  If we did it was for research - comparing methods of po boy making.  

youngest now in high school; middlest visiting from college
While I was away from blogland there were several family celebrations....

these three all celebrated birthdays
celebrated our anniversary....remember this 25th anniversary quilt
.....not to mention Mother's and Father's Day!

too pricey for me!

While shopping for Father's Day I noticed these matching swim trunks for father and son.  How cute for Alex and Leo to dress alike while in Florida?!  That was before I saw the price of the BABY swim suit.  Cute, but not that cute.

just some of Leo's quilts

hey there
Leo has so many quilts that he has his own quilt rack.  I don't even have one of those in my house.  Tomorrow, I plan to publish a Friday Finish post (yeah I know...two days in a row!) that shows even more quilts in Leo's room.

see you next time
Not only have I been absent from my blog, but I've been absent from yours.  I've been hanging out on Instagram since it suits my lack of attention i.e. short attention span I can quickly check in to see what my friends are up to without getting lost for hours. I can't say things will settle down much around here until September so if you're on IG let me know your handle so I can look you up ;-)

If you've made it all the way to end, I thank you.  Happy stitching,