Friday, August 24, 2012

Really Random Thursday: From my iPad

What a crazy busy week! So glad Cindy keeps her Really Random Thursday linky party open late for times like these! I'm posting from my iPad again, so keep your fingers crossed that my photos appear and this post doesn't get eaten like last time.

My youngest started school last week. Next year she will be in high school!

Her first day of kindergarten wasn't that long ago. My middlest has been home for a short break before his second year of college. My oldest is planning a trip home soon during his school break so our family has been juggling three different school schedules.

I've been sending and receiving fun snail mail which is a nice change of pace from electronic correspondence. My rubber stamps were dusted off and put to use embellishing envelopes. This cool postage stamp of sewing machines was affixed to a sweet note from my friend Anne.

With the kids back in a school routine I started back on another attempt at my diet and exercise routine. This lasted all of two days. It only took one stressful phone call and this (see photo below) was my dinner. Of course I could use the excuse that I was in a hurry to catch a flight and had to grab a fast bite to eat in the airport before my plane took off without me but we all know there are better choices available.

Each time I fly I say I am going to make a small quilt to take on the plane with me next time. I am always cold and have a sweater or jacket but think how comfy a smallish quilt would be. Then I promptly forget when I am home. This trip I knew I would need my security blanket so I brought my rather large Peace, Love and Happiness quilt. I'm sure several people thought I was strange, but the quilt served its purpose by providing comfort and warmth, so now I am definitely determined to make a smallish quilt for air travel.

While driving on a Washington freeway I was surprised to see a semi-truck advertising the beautiful state of Montana. There was congestion when I took this photo so technically I was not driving while using my cell phone. That's against the law in Washington as it should be everywhere.

Since little Leo could not make the trip to see me, I took a trip to see him. I'm getting really good at the one handed cell phone photo shot. The first picture is of me holding him after not seeing him for over a month. Not the way I imagined. The next photo is a happier one of him smiling up at the doctor. He sure is a trooper!

My friend Anne is a big Charley Harper fan, so this baby book caught my eye. When I saw the ABCs by Charley Harper baby book was full of colorful animal prints, I knew Leo would love it.

My final thought for the day is stamped on my coffee mug: Be Happy!

So how random was your Thursday?


  1. Great Drive shot (photo), next time get it on the go. But be careful. Mark

  2. So glad you got to see Leo. He just gets cuter if that's possible. Love that huge smile.

  3. Love that smile!! Leo must be looking at Uela.

  4. My computer completely crashed on thursday. How's that for random?! Crap. No random post for me that day. I'm vowing to get back into my diet and exercise routine when school starts, too. Hey, at least the ice cream was your dinner. Me, I'd have eaten dinner and THEN had the ice cream! Great idea to take a small quilt for a plane ride. You'll have to get cracking on that. LOL. Is Leo still in the hospital? I guess I didn't know that! Sorry about the stressful phone call. I'm having my own stress here.....Yuck.

  5. Leo is so cute. Glad you were able to go see him. Love your last thought. Words to live by.

  6. Still praying for Leo and his recovery. I hear sweet little kisses all about the cheeks and neck really help healing, especially when given by a loving grandma!

  7. Super cute pic!
    Praying his recovery.