Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Quilts in a Tree

Just a quick post to share some quilt photos I took while visiting the parental units (borrowing a phrase from my baby sister here) last week.

Got Pink? in a tree
Since school is about to start, I took my youngest (the only one still living at home full time) to visit her Mississippi grandparents.  We had a good time doing what we always enjoy doing - eating and talking. This time we threw in a few quilt shops and quilt photo expeditions.

Gateway Oak

Michelle asked me to take some pictures of quilts she had made because I am constantly giving her a hard time about not taking pictures and posting her amazing quilts on her blog, and my mom suggested taking pictures by the incredible Gateway Oak alongside the highway in my hometown.  

My birthday wall quilt
 I'll let my sister share the pictures on her blog of the quilts she made (as soon as I email the photos to her!), but in the meantime, here are a few reruns.  I took the birthday quilt my sister made me home to show my family.  It was difficult photographing this one in the huge oak.  

Let's try again
 It was impossible to get a photo of the entire quilt and without a person in the background which was my goal.  I love how the tree bark is reflected in the tiny center strips of the quilt.

I can't wait for Michelle to show you the pictures of her quilt I took displayed on the Gateway Oak.  The oak tree is a perfect backdrop for that particular batik quilt with its greens, tans and browns.

More Got Pink?
I don't feel I ever really took any good pictures of the Got Pink? quilt I made for my mom several years ago so I took that one along on our photo shoot.  

And another one
 The more I see this quilt, the more I like it!  I still don't have a decent enough picture of the quilt, but I sure love this one!  It's super soft and cuddly.  I may have taken a nap or two with it while visiting my Mom.

And another
In addition to the photo shoot here, I took quite a few pictures of other quilts in my Dad's backyard.  I will email those to my sister right now, so she should have them up on her blog right away soon.

Do you take your quilts out on a photo expedition?  
Where is the most unique spot you've encountered for photographing quilts?


  1. These are amazing pictures. I am glad that you enjoyed napping under the Got Pink quilt. I think that the wildflowers in Montana would make an amazing backdrop for a quilt.

  2. I love looking at your pictures!! I swear your photography skills are just as great as your quilting...so jealous ;-) I really love your Got Pink quilt, and you are right...it is SO soft and comfy. BTW...Thanks for being my "personal photographer"...got the pics you sent!!

  3. I love these quilt photos! I think I should do more fun photo shoots with my quilts! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love that tree. It's amazing! Great photos. I do like the way the bark is echoed in that quilt your sister made for you! I don't take my quilts on photo expeditions, but your photos keep making me think I should!

  5. I definitely need to start taking my quilts on a photo expedition. Oh, wait. First I need to FINISH some quilt tops! Okay. So THEN we need to go on an expedition. Your photo ops are fabulous. I've heard Montana has some great photo ops....

  6. What a grand tree! It makes a great backdrop for your quilts.