Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mini Quilts

Two mini quilt tops for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative have been quilted, bound and labeled!

Priority:  Alzheimer's Quilt
August's quilt Tunnel Vision has already been assigned a number (11,547) and is on its way to AAQI headquarters. 

#11,547 Tunnel Vision
When basting these quilts, I took a tip from Juanita Yeager and added a layer of good quality felt in between the batting and backing.  I learned this from a workshop she presented for the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild on machine quilting.  I usually forget to do this when I am making small quilts, but it really does add a measure of stability and thickness which is nice for an art quilt.  

Before binding
This "X" quilt doesn't have a name yet which is required before registering.  X Marks the Spot seems a little obvious.  Any other suggestions?

Needs a name

 When updating my $1,000 Promise page, I noticed that two of my quilts will be going to Houston.  One of these days, I may join them!

Another quilt in a tree

Any of you going to International Quilt Market/Festival in Houston?  
What about February 2013's Quilt Con in Austin?
Inquiring minds want to know!


  1. Your mini quilts are just beautiful! I like the idea of using the felt.....I've never heard of doing that before!!

  2. Once again, you amaze me! Love the quilts and thanks for the tip! I just might use it very soon!

  3. Was planning to do Houston this Fall for Row House Creations, but I think we are going to save the money this time and shoot for next year... Your latest mini quilts are great.

  4. Great idea on the felt. I will have to keep that in mind. Thanks for that!

    How about "Criss Cross Applesauce?" I thought of it because of the off-white background, suggesting applesauce. Just a thought.

    Congrats on stuff going to Houston. How cool! I might have to go bid on one of these! :-) Can you let me know when they come up for bid? Great work!

  5. The bright cross on neutral makes me think 'eXcited'.

  6. i love your minis. especially needs a name:) across the desert. the neutrals make me think of the desert.

  7. Beautiful! How about X Marks the Spot? But Criss Cross Applesauce is very cute, too! The background is my favorite.

  8. Love them! Yes, I'm going to Quilt Market in Houston, too!

  9. "Meet here" is my suggestion from Downunder.

    Thanks for passing on the 'felt' tip.

  10. those are the sweetest mini-quilts! adorable!