Thursday, August 2, 2012

Really Random: In the Mail

Is it Thursday already?  According to the calendar, we are already in August as well!  Pretty soon the kids will be back in school.

Quilt calendar hanging in my Lab
How many calendars do you have in your house?

 Seriously, my daughter starts school in less than two weeks.  She is in for a rude more sleeping in until 2:00 pm 9:00 am and no more watching NetFlix the Olympics 24/7.

Family calendar
We've already done the back to school clothes shopping which was quite painless as my daughter wears a school uniform.  New skirts had to be purchased as the rules were changed in regards to the length.

New skirt on the left....last year's on the right
In the past, the skirt couldn't be shorter than 4" above the knee.  Apparently some parents kids couldn't measure, so in order to avoid confusion, the new rule requires skirts to be knee length.

Daughter trying to avoid the camera
Getting ready for back to school also requires a trip to the beauty parlor.  For some reason, my daughter didn't want her picture taken.  I don't know why, because by the time Leslie was finished with her, my daughter looked like she had just finished shooting a hair shampoo commercial.

Her reflection says it all
No amount of discussion could convince my daughter to look at the camera.  You have to be really quick with this girl.  Check out her reflection in the mirror....see that expression?!  She is quite talented with the eye rolling and the one eyebrow lift....if only that were an Olympic sport ;-)

Even Max got beautified
Am I the only one who is taking pictures with their cell phone camera more and their "real" camera less?  That's not good, especially since I received a new camera for my birthday.  

Packages in my mail box
I was listening to a morning radio talk show this week where the discussion was the possible demise of the post office.  Seems no one sends letters and packages in the mail anymore.  I know my local post office was on the potential closure list, but luckily was granted a reprieve.

Packages to be mailed
I love receiving letters and packages in the mail, so why do I not send them?  I really need to make a point of writing letters and mailing happies to friends and family more often.

Thank you notes using mini fabric tape
I did something about that today, starting by writing some thank you notes.  I used the mini fabric tape as a seal.  I also packaged a few happies to send to friends using labels I ordered from Moo and fun turquoise tape (I'm still waiting on my Washi tape order), and a care package to grand baby.

Inside the care package, Leo will find this sweet softie made by my friend Julie.  Isn't he so cute?

Stitching on his butt
She even stitched Leo on the monkey's backside.  Love it!

Seven weeks
Closing once again with a Leo picture!

Edited to add:  

Did you see I added a new blog to my sidebar?   I started Fifty 365 a month ago but have kept it pretty much under wraps.  However, I came to the conclusion I need to "go public" with this blog because I really need the accountability.  I've been a slacker, but I am ready to raise the bar.   If you are so inclined, read Day 1's post for an idea of what I have in mind.  I'd be interested in what you think.  Thanks in advance. 

Really Random Thursdays

How random is your Thursday?


  1. What a wonderful post!! Love all the things you are into, and the pics of Leo.

  2. Your daughter is beautiful. Yay for actual snail mail. If I write you, will you write me back? Once, on a day when several packages of fabric were delivered, our mailman thanked me for keeping them in business. Oops. Leo is seven weeks already? Wow,they grow fast. He is adorable.

  3. I love the new "random" postings. They don't get any better than having a picture of your beautiful daughter, Mighty Max, and Baby Leo. Enjoy your last few days of summer.

  4. Fun random post! I think most teenagers are experts at the eye roll. Thankfully, they grow up and grow out of the attitude. Seems like your daughter starts school early. I can't believe the back-to-school season is already here! I'm not ready yet.

  5. It was a treat to get to know you better via Cindy's new link-up. I really like your idea of Fifty 365. Lovely family!

  6. I love your Leo pix. :-) I know...I need to send more letters, too. I need to get several thank you cards out. I have been putting it off until I can order some on I better get going on that! I always love your cards!

  7. Your daughter and my son sound like soul mates. He's great at sleeping until afternoon and watching Netflix 24/7, too! I have no idea how we're going to get his clock shifted back by Aug 15th!

  8. Hi Rene. I found you through Cindy (Live a Colorful Life) and am happy to say hello to a fellow Floridian. I've lived in this state for six weeks now! I enjoyed your random post. Ah, I remember those eye-rolling teen years. I can offer you hope. Those days come to an end and you'll have an amenable daughter on your hand before you know it.