Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What's Up Wednesday: Quilt Con

I am looking forward to today's Orlando Modern Quilt Guild meeting and lunch with the girls.  Our BOMs and Quilt Con blocks are due (yes, we have homework!), and I am happy to report that mine are ready on time.

Quilt Con Blocks
I ordered a fabric bundle from Pink Chalk Studio that includes all the logo colors.  I probably have most of them in my stash already, but I didn't want to take any chances.  Plus, who can have too many solids?

Pink Chalk Studio bundle
The first block I made is a 12.5" churn dash block.  I like taking a traditional block and changing it up a bit.  I pieced 1.5" squares for a patchwork center.  I played around with different color combinations for the half square triangles and rectangles, but decided to keep with the traditional two color design.

12.5" churn dash block

The second block was made with scraps from the first and measures 10.75" x 12.5". 

Second Quilt Con block
This second block was very fun to make as I didn't need to follow a pattern other than making sure the height measured 12.5".  There were two different size scraps in every color leftover from cutting for the churn dash block, and I just pieced those into two strips.

Going with the dark gray background
Once again I contemplated various colors for the background and really wanted to go with a bright color, but in the end decided to go with a neutral and chose the dark gray.

Asterisk Block
It was easy for me to have my Block of the Month finished on time since it was my turn to decide on the block ;-)

So what's up with you this Wednesday?


  1. Love your blocks! Those solids are wonderful!

  2. Cool blocks! I love those colors for Quilt Con. So nice to have these solids in your stash.

  3. I am amazed with what you can create from your stash. As always, I love your color choices.

  4. Wow! I really, really love both of those blocks. Outstanding, Rene'!

  5. What a brilliant idea for the churn dash block! Love it! And the asterisk block is cute, too! :)

  6. Your QuiltCon blocks are awesome. I LOVE that patchwork center in the churn dash. And I have always wanted to make the asterick block--yours is beautiful!!

  7. I love your Quilt Con blocks. The colours are fabulous! The asterisk block is lovely. I have always wanted to make an asterisk block. Its on my 'one day' list.