Thursday, August 16, 2012

Really Random: Going Home

I'm loving Cindy's Really Random Thursdays so much that I seem to post only on Thursdays now.  Tuesday I showed quilt photos I took in an old oak tree in my home town, and today I get to share some randomness observed on my trip.

Are you ready for some football?
We stopped in Tallahassee on the way "home" to have lunch with my middlest who was in the midst of final exams.  It seems the coaches were also shopping at the college bookstore;-)  The sign outside had a countdown to the first home football game - 23 days for those of you interested.
What's on my iPod 
It was a long road trip, but luckily for me I had some Creative Mojo podcasts to catch up on.  Luckily for my daughter, she had her own iPod and headphones!  The host's voice and his habit of referring to the listeners as cupcakes apparently is an acquired taste ;-)  The episodes on my iPod were great, and I am appreciative to Mark and his guests for keeping me company.  I had to laugh though as he was talking to a guest about the south and said "but I have to tell you, the state of Mississippi scares the @*$% out of me" literally as I crossed the Alabama Mississippi state line!

Colorful Playlists
 My itunes playlist kept me company as well.  Does anyone else title their playlists by KONA colors?  Please tell me I'm not the only one that "hears" colors when listening to music.  Lupine (also a Montana wildflower) for example is my longest playlist and is comprised of upbeat, happy music.  

Bolts of color
 Speaking of KONA, my mom took me to Block Therapy a relatively new LQS which just expanded and carries EVERY single color of KONA!  

Firearms being overtaken by fabric!
 The locals are so lucky to have such a wonderful LQS.  There isn't anything like this where I live.  What makes it even better is they offer beginning quilting classes, and my mom has signed up!

Quilter's Ten Commandments
 My mom also took me to Janet's Quilting Bee which had this great Quilter's Ten Commandments wallquilt.  "Thou shalt visit quilt shops wherever thou shalt go on earth" is one I try to follow.  You can read more about the two quilt shops here and here.

Best shrimp po boy ever!
When I go home, I try and eat home-cooked food and local restaurant food I can't get at home. (Confused by all the homes?)  BB's has awesome po boys, and my dad makes the best shrimp.  

Pasta St. Lawrence
My husband is allergic to shrimp which means I don't make it much at our house, but I make up for that when I go to my parents' home.

Boiled shrimp and fixins
I don't visit my parents as much as I should and becoming a grandparent myself has made me even more aware of that fact.  I live almost 600 miles away from my parents and over 3,100 miles from my grandchild.  Ouch!

Spam email from Crate and Barrel, I think
 Family is everything!  Before I deleted this spam email, I noticed the graphic rug on the ad.  Very appropriate, wouldn't you say?  Not to mention, I love the colors.  Think I'll make a quilt like this.

I NEED to hug this baby!
My little two-month old grand baby recently had to wear this tiny hospital gown.  Thankfully, he is home now and doing well!!!!!  I WILL hold him soon!

So how random is your Thursday?


  1. I love your "randomness"!!! Your KONA playlist has always tickled me ;-) I'm so glad your were able to visit the quilt shops while at home...can't wait until we can visit them together. I will say, though, I am KONA Kiwi (my new favorite solid)with envy that I was not there to enjoy all the fine food...nothing better than sweet Gulf shrimp!!! And sweet glad he is home...can't wait to see him and the parents!!

  2. Great random post! I love that the quilt store is right next to a firearms store. Am I seeing that right?! I love that your play lists are by Kona colors. That never would have occurred to me to do. I think this is why I love you so much. Honestly. Hope you had a great day. I love random Thursday!

  3. Oh, dear . . . I don't like seeing a little hospital gown on Leo. I hope he is ok and getting on a plane to come see you.

  4. The shrimp looks awesome. And I could just eat Leo up. What a cutie.

  5. I love your random posts. I especially love the fact that close the blog with a picture of your grandson. I know you can't wait to hold him soon.

  6. Okay, this is funny--now I want for Thursday to read YOUR random posts. SO awesome. Um, I don't "hear" colors (which cracked me up, by the way), but all the days of the week are a color. Like Tuesday is blue, Thursday is cerise (thought I'd throw in a Kona color so you would know exactly what I'm taking about), Friday is brown, Saturday is grey...

    Are you holding Leo already? I hope so!

    P.S. That family rug would make a great quilt!

  7. I would *love* to go to a quilt shop with every Kona color instock!

  8. Love your random posts! I hope your grandson is better now.