Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday!

My Mom is visiting this week and brought these cool "happies"!

These t-shirts themselves appear to be hand-dyed and are appliqued with luscious batik and hand-dyed fabrics.  Even the stitching is fun!

They purchased them at a gift shop near the Rocky Mountain National Park.  I love my dragonfly shirt and  was hoping my daughter's shirt would be too big for her  wanted to steal my daughter's fun flower power shirt.  

Haven't shared a picture of Max in a while.  Here he is recuperating from his grooming appointment....while I find mine relaxing and therapeutic...he seems to return home traumatized and exhausted....but clean ;-)

Hope your Wednesday was wonderful!!!


  1. I think we must get our love of colors from Mom. Beautiful shirts!!!! And poor Max :( I just don't understand why he doesn't enjoy being pampered! But, he sure looks good.

  2. very cute "happies"! agree Max is looking good! I love the small squares that you are working on too from earlier in the week...reminds me of all those scraps I still need to cut into strips and smaller pieces.... :)