Thursday, July 28, 2011

Once Again

Yesterday I had several free hours to spend in my sewing room...and what did I do?

Rearranged it....AGAIN!  Working on my son's SuperStar quilt made me realize how much I missed having a design wall.  After measuring certain spaces and furniture, I decided to move this bookcase into the closet and hang a large piece of batting (over the smaller portable design wall) on the now empty area for a makeshift, but larger, design wall.

I need to take a better picture when the area is a bit more picked up, but this gives you an idea of the new look ;-)  I quickly put some WIPs on the liberated coin quilt waiting for inspiration to strike for background fabric...several Dear Jane blocks made before I decided to go with Kaffe all the spiderweb block made for guild house block from Beth patiently wondering when it will play with other blocks...and 36-patch blocks in two different sizes for two different quilts.

My latest 36-patch's rather busy....but I like it! 


Need to get cranking on these...have only made three so far...but pulled out more fabric when I was rearranging the studio yesterday.

Does anyone else out there like to rearrange furniture?  My sister and I used to joke with our Mom that every time we came home from college she had rearranged the living room furniture...guess it's a genetic thing!  I've noticed that I seem to make more family references now that my sister is blogging...can't help myself....hope you don't mind ;-)

Have an amazing day!!!!


  1. I love it!!!! I'm trying to figure out a make shift design wall, if only to help with Glen's quilt. I'll need to layout 111 or 121 blocks and not sure how I'm going to manage. Any suggestions?
    Your 36-patch blocks are looking great! You have choosen some really beautiful fabric :)

  2. I love it that you mention your sister. I mention mine a lot, and she doesn't even blog -- but she DOES rearrange her furniture all the time. Apparently enough for both of us, because I never do! Your 36-patch blox are looking fantastically wild! Love 'em . . .

  3. My mom rearranges all the time, too! I don't, because I 'm not very good at it. But I would love to shove some stuff around to get myself a design wall spot.

  4. Yes, I like to rearrange furniture in some rooms, but not in others. Like, I never change my living room around, but I like to change my office around all the time. And I like rearranging my sewing room now and then. But right now, my room's too small to really do anything else in. I long for a design wall. I don't have any large wall space. I have an idea for how to create one, but I need my hubby's help to build it. And he's too busy to do it right now....

  5. Love those blocks! You are tempting me to use the "what was I thinking?" fabric along with some "too much left over" fabric to see what I end up with. The only problem, I already have too many quilts happening right now!!!

    Love hearing about family by the way!!!

  6. How could you two sisters NOT mention each other?! You're both the BEST!!!! ;-)