Friday, July 15, 2011

Project Preview

My sewing machine is still in it's little suitcase, so obviously there has been no sewing at my house this week.  However, I have been catching up on some blog reading, trimming pinwheel blocks, and planning future projects.  Maybe you'd like to help me with three of these projects? 

 I've had yards of this Cowboys & Cowgirls fabric for a couple of years now, absolutely love it, but can't decide what to do with it.  I'd like to make a king-size quilt and need help in deciding the best way to feature those cute cowboys/cowgirls.  All I've come up with so far is to combine the "people" fabric with assorted colors of Kaffe shot cottons.  The ones pictured above I just happened to bring with me, but I purchased other colors at Gruber's (thanks Mom for the gift certificate), and they are being shipped as we speak. you like the idea of using shot cottons with this?  Any other recommendations if not?  If so, what pattern would you use?  I've thought of using several horizontal strips of those cowboys/cowgirls with something (but what) in between to separate the strips...or fussy cutting the cowboys/cowgirls and adding colorful 9-patch (or 36-patch, etc.) blocks.  Any thoughts?

Another question I threw out at the Gruber's retreat concerned these liberated coin strips.  The three strips have been finished for months now but were put on the back burner for other projects.  I have them spread out on a Kona gray...or charcoal...really not sure the color.  Is this the best color "sashing" for these colorful strips?  If not, what color do you suggest?

OK...last question...For a full-size bed quilt, what size string blocks would you use?  I have been collecting fabrics and scraps from my daughter's clothes to use in a string quilt for her.  She has requested this purple fabric as the center strip.  Depending on the block size, how wide would you cut your center strip?

Thanks in advance for helping me out with this!  I'm energized to finish up those few lingering WIPs and to get working on some new quilts!

Have an amazing weekend!!!


  1. Love that cowboy fabric! My idea for it is to use it like this:

    For the absolutely stunning coin strips, have you tried a really dark cocoa brown? But, it is hard to go wrong with gray.

  2. I love the Kona gray, but I would be interested in seeing how the strips look set against the cocoa brown as Anne mentioned. Hmmm...I wonder where your daughter gets her love of purple ;-)

  3. I was thinking of a brown too! ;-) As for string blocks~ choose a size that you have a ruler for~ that way trimming them down is a breeze! I have an 8.5 inch ruler and I like that size in larger quilts~ or you could make rectangles instead of squares~ MaryQuilts has some great info~

    Have a happy weekend!

  4. The liberated coins are wonderful! Definitely audition them on brown, and maybe take a peek at Kona Ash (although that may have just come to my mind since I'm playing around with ash right now). I would audition the strips on several different neutral solids and see what sets them off to best advantage. Have fun, and I can't wait to see what you end up using!

    Now I really want to try liberated coins. Just love the look!

  5. I love thinking about all of the possibilities! Okay, this is my crazy idea for your liberated coins. I'd love to see liberated sashing too! How about taking all the colors/fabrics used in the organized coins, and mixing them up, kinda "Piano Keys"/rainbow style... Your coins would still create order, set in the midst of all the random colors. Does that make sense?? (Maybe I should try drawing it...) :D

  6. Hmmmm, those liberated coin strips would look great alternating with strips of the cowboy fabric, the colours look like they would match each other nicely.

  7. I am almost positive in that box of quilt books for Michelle in Dad's car there was a pattern with a cowboy theme. Feel free to look through those and you guys can share.