Monday, July 18, 2011

Cutting and Prepping

Still not a whole lot of sewing going on, but there has been some cutting and prepping for various projects.

This makes me feel like I am at least getting something done.  First, I cut some scraps into 1.5" squares for a postage stamp quilt.  This has been on my list for a while, and Shelly recently reignited that interest.

I put my daughter to work cutting newspaper into squares for her string quilt.  She was happy to do this when she realized her other choice was vacuuming, but after a while she did ask me why her quilt was being made out of newspapers.
(Also, if you look closely you can see my son's graduation thank you notes that are still not finished...I guess procrastination runs in our family!)

I decided to go with 8.5 inch squares for the string quilt.  Thanks everyone for your input.  Oh, and I did reassure my daughter that the newspaper would be removed from her quilt before it goes on her bed.

I would like to participate in Amanda's 36-patch quilt-along so have been going through my fabrics on hand.  Other than WIPs and scraps from those WIPs, I don't have much fabric with me in Montana.  Dare I cut into my Kaffes that I am hoarding for a Dear Jane?  Hmmm...I'm sure I can find some other fabric to work with until I go home.

Have an amazing day!!!!


  1. Cut into Kaffe. Dear Jane won't take very much, will it? How much longer are you in Montana?

  2. Just a warning about cutting into your Kaffe prints for a DJ...I've discovered that large prints don't always work well for the small pieces....

  3. I like the cutting and prepping stage. At least you feel like you're making progress, even tho you're not sewing. Definitely cut into the Kaffe! Will make any project gorgeous and worth it.

  4. leave the Kaffe's alone. I will share from my stash.

  5. Cut it! :) You can always buy more. hehehe