Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Too Many e's

When I joined the Liberated Quilter's Yahoo group last year, I had not made anything "liberated" so for my first project, I tried free piecing letters.

I used my, at that time, newly acquired AB LOVE fabric because I thought those fabric colors would look cool in my sewing room.  I think I did a pretty good job constructing the letters, but the letters did not stand out with my choice of fabric combinations.  Discouraged, I put those letters away in my orphan block basket....I'm sure they are still there somewhere.....

...but I hadn't given up the idea of piecing a "Rene' Creates" for my studio/mom cave/sewing room/workshop/lab/my room, so when the OMQG announced its Robert Kaufman solids challenge, I decided to "give piece another try" ;-)  

{Yesterday I posted a blurry "Rene'" because I wasn't going to show pictures of my challenge piece until it was complete.  As you can see, I've changed my mind about that decision.  What else would I blog about? ;-)}

From the above two pictures it looks like the letters are attached to the background, but they are not....I was trying out different layouts for the letters and used the background fabric as a design area.  Should I  place the letters in a straight line as in the first picture or have them "dance" as in the second picture?

Since I had originally planned on not showing this challenge in progress or asking for advice, I went ahead and made an executive glad from now on I can ask for your advice ;-)

Once I decided on the straight line layout, I pieced the Rene' letters and the creates letters.  

Allow me to ramble off topic for a few sentences.....
I have to take a moment here and thank my parents for naming me "Rene'" and not "Renee" offense to the Renee's out there....I have always liked my Rene' name...even though I sometimes get mail addressed to me as Mr....the spelling just seems balanced....maybe it's the analytical part of me...who knows..but I now have another reason for liking the less "e" to piece!!!!

If I had known, when I chose my blog name, that I would eventually try to piece that name, I may have chosen something with fewer e's as that is the letter that gave me the most problems ;-)

Stay tuned for how I incorporate the remaining charm squares in this....

Have an amazing day!!!


  1. Rene', I absolutely love your idea1

  2. So glad you chose the straight line up. That is what I would have chosen. The good thing about a unique name is you know when you are getting junk mail when it is addressed as "Mr." Plus, it is probably easier to get an email address than when you have the same name as millions of other people like I do!