Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy National Quilting Day!!!

Shouldn't this be an international holiday????  

How are you planning on spending this momentous occasion?

I will be celebrating with my OMQG friends, and I can't wait!!!!

My "bags" are packed and ready to go...

I will be working on finishing some projects and starting some new ones.  

Have an amazing National/International Quilting Day!!!!


  1. Happy Quilting Day to you too!
    Taking kids to events, friends' houses, grocery shopping and hopefully basting the Quilts for Comfort quilt!

    Have the best time ever!

  2. Happy International Quilting Day to you too, have fun.

  3. Happy IQD!! No time to sew today for me...:( But the sun is shining at the moment, so no complaining allowed!!