Friday, March 11, 2011

Next Step

Continuing with my RK challenge piece....

After piecing my letters, I still had quite a few charm squares left.

I enjoyed playing around with the leftover strips and the unused charm squares which eventually led to these wonky blocks.

I'm thinking of quilting the "Rene'" and the "creates" as individual pieces and mounting on a Cherrywood fat quarter kind of like what I did with the AAQI Tranquility mini quilt.

As a sample layout, I thought of using the wonky blocks as a border ... what do you think?
I'm not loving it ... how about a liberated saw tooth border instead?
{Turn to page 64 if you have your Liberated Quiltmaking II book handy to see what I mean.}

Any suggestions on what my next step should be?

Have an amazing weekend!!


  1. I like that border. this might sound goofy, but what about putting the rene creates in the border along with those blocks. leave a big beautiful square or rectangle plain for gorgeous quilting. kinda amishy. might look totally goofy, but sometimes ya don't know until you try it.

  2. Lovely letters! Can't help you on the border. I'm not liberated...yet. ;0)

    I have cut into my first batiks though. Baby steps....

  3. Rene, it's so much fun to watch your liberation coming through in this project! It's looking great.

  4. Rene', I love it.