Monday, March 21, 2011

Quilting Weekend

Saturday (International Quilting Day) was spent with the fun members of the OMQG.
As with previous Sew Days, there was lots of sewing, collaborating, and creating going on!

I had high expectations for the amount of projects I would complete in the six-seven hour time frame allotted.  I packed up supplies for finishing quite a few WIPs that have been gathering dust, as well as recently purchased fat quarters for one or two new projects I've had my eye on.

The first project I pulled out was this 3R's wall quilt which I started at a previous OMQG Sew Day.  At July's Sew Day, guild members brought scraps to share and make mini quilts based on Amanda Jean's ticker tape tutorial.  That day I didn't get any further than pinning my scraps to the background fabric.  
This time I was determined to finish.....and I did....but it took much longer than I expected....
hmmm....can you say the whole day:-)

Beth's first AAQI

While I spent hours sewing around tiny bits of scraps, I enviously watched my fellow guild members crank out some really cool blocks, quilts and other projects.  I did feel better when Beth referred to me as a Goddess....Temporary Quilt Registration Goddess that is ;-)  
Check out her first Priority: Alzheimer's quilt!!!  
I love, love, love it!

I didn't want the sewing to end, so I extended IQD to Sunday....besides I still had lots of quilting left in me ;-)  I did manage to finally finish my March AAQI quilt Two Hearts.  I ended up changing the backing and binding several times.

I also finished (except for stitching the binding down) my RK Solids Challenge.  I ended up in a totally different direction from previous pictures I showed.  I will save the completed quilt picture for another day, but here's a glimpse.  

I'm off to hand sew that binding.  Have an amazing day!!!!


  1. It's easy to see why that ticker tape quilt would take a while to get sewn into place. The peacock quilt is gorgeous. Did she embroider the peacock?

    Love your double heart quilt, too!

  2. The two love birds just crack me up! What a beautiful ticker tape quilt!

    The RK photo is fun, fun, fun....I always love what you do! So creative!

  3. Great projects!! Glad you got some quilty girl time in!! Here I was thinking a ticker-tape would be a quick thing... ;0)