Monday, March 28, 2011

Been Thinkin'

Three graduation quilts have been mentally added to my list of to-do's, 
and I've spent some time thinking about possible quilt designs and fabrics for those.  
I'm sure soon I will be asking your advice regarding my options ;-)

So as to not tax my brain too much with all that thinking, I have taken short breaks to work on some other quick and less mentally challenging projects.

These eight boobs have finally been mailed to Nina Lise for her Make a Boob project for breast cancer, details of which can be found here.

Do you think the other customers in line at the post office were impressed that of my three packages, one was heading to Canada and the other to Norway?
Could be they were relieved that they weren't the ones filling out customs paperwork for their mail ;-)

Have an amazing day!!!!!
I'm off to do more thinking....


  1. I've gotten nervous about sending stuff off since I am hearing about and experienced more and more quilts/fabrics/etc. not turning up.

    3 graduation quilts?! There's not much time until graduation. You are ambitious!

  2. So, when you were filling out the customs report...did you put down 'quilted boobs'?

    Now, that would have made for some interesting reactions!