Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I love dreaming about and planning new quilts!
As I mentioned yesterday, three graduation quilts are on my list to be completed by May 27th.

I've been thinking about this first graduation quilt for some time now.  It is for my middlest who will soon be a high school graduate, and I want to go with a star theme.  I've sketched out several ideas before deciding on randomly placed stars of various sizes.

I made the mistake of asking for input from my son who has requested the colors garnet and gold (Edited to mention he is following the family tradition of attending FSU).  I've searched for examples of gorgeous quilts using these colors, and can you believe I can't find any ;-)

These batiks are the closest to garnet and gold that I have in my stash....I believe it's time to go fabric shopping.  I am picturing stars in various shades of reds, red-oranges, and orange-yellows against a pale batik background.  Any comments, concerns or suggestions?  

Also to be decided:  whether to go with a "pointy" star like the shape above....
Edited to say....Sorry...but there was an error in linking to the picture....you'll just have to envision the "pointy" star from my drawing ;-)

....or a wonky star shape like this Christmas block.

Any thoughts?  

The second high school graduation quilt shouldn't involve such tough decisions.  It will be nice to play with some print fabrics for a change.  Maybe tomorrow I can show you the fabrics I've chosen for this Shoo Fly quilt from Malka's Color Your Cloth.

Have an amazing day!!!


  1. Your design looks great! I am sure it will be stunning!

  2. Those look like USC colors. Is that where he is going for college? The pointy star picture doesn't show up, but i like the wonky stars a lot, so I would probably put in my 2 cents for those.

  3. Garnet and gold will look great together! Can't wait to see it finished for your soon-to-be-graduate!

  4. I love quilt planning, too!

    I would probably do the wonky stars - they'll look like they're twinkling!

    And that shoo fly quilt is one of my favorites. Can't wait to see what you pulled for it.

  5. i think both quilts are going to be stunning! the red, red orange and yellow stars will be great...i love the different sizes and the random placement you have drawn up. it looks great!

    and the shoo fly quilt. oh, how i love it! the simplicity is wonderful.

    have fun with your marathon quilting!! ;)

  6. Your plan for the star quilt looks great. Can't go wrong with stars. Good luck fabric shopping. I hope its not too much of a hardship (LOL). Shoo Fly looks like a winner too.