Thursday, March 24, 2011

A little mini

There are many projects that I want to get working on, but those have been put on hold for a day or two so my family will have clean clothes to wear and food to eat ;-)

I have been trying to get back into my blog posting routine, so took a quick photo of this mini quilt I completed this morning.  I started this a while back (maybe last summer), but I didn't like where it was going, so like many others it got put away.

I took it to Sew Day to get advice/ideas on how to rescue this little quilt.  Maybe everyone was just being nice, but the consensus was to leave it as is.  When I pointed out a few flaws, helpful (easy) suggestions were given on how to fix them....good answers ;-)

I was happy to realize that I could finish this with a minimal amount of effort.  I replaced the backing (which is becoming a habit) to hide my messy embroidery stitches, tweaked a few stitches here and there, and machine sewed the binding with a little swiggly stitch.

Originally, this mini was destined for AAQI, but the quilt size is too large.  
I'm thinking it might make a nice little "happy" for someone ;-)

Have an amazing day!!!!
I'm off to put another load of laundry in the wash


  1. It's so sweet! Glad you were able to finish it!

  2. Love the flowers, love the Verna, love the quilting.... My laundry is done, but Spring cleaning beckons!

  3. Sometimes we just need a break from things we're working on so we have new eyes and new energy!! Love the embroidery!

  4. will definitely make someone smile!

  5. this really came out cute! glad you are done with - bet that feels good!