Monday, September 26, 2011


Remember when I made my new ironing station....I was so proud of my mad handyman skills....I couldn't wait to use my staple gun again...

Thanks to an extra board and unwanted home decor fabric from my friend Heather, I made a desk for my daughter have a different ironing board!

The photo was taken with my cell phone (as you can tell my SLR is on the board) and doesn't do justice to my favorite blue color coordinated with striped fabric.  
I absolutely love having the extra work/ironing space and thought of making a desk for my daughter's room with the second board, but once I saw the blue I realized this would work better in my matches my new mini quilt!

So now, the Amy-Butler-fabric-covered table is in my daughter's room and will be made into a desk.  We picked out a pair of storage units from IKEA to serve as the base...still waiting on those...out of the meantime two barstools are doing the job.

In keeping with the Amy Butler theme, I quilted this orphan spiderweb block that had been hanging out on my design wall to go in my daughter's room as well.
I have quite a few Amy Butler orphan blocks, and I think I'll make one of these memo boards.

I love this backing fabric.  As you can see, I just zigzag stitched around the edges rather than use binding.

I also moved into my daughter's room two other mini quilts that were in my studio.

This was my daughter's first trip to IKEA, and she was overwhelmed (in a good way)!  We had lunch in the cafeteria before shopping to plan our strategy, and this was the first thing we saw as we walked into the showroom!  How cool is this sewing area?!

Ally wanted her picture taken in several of her "favorite" rooms.  We ended up with quite a few accessories (and more than a few ideas) including this pink chair (that I put together all by myself).

Just like all my other projects....this one is a WIP!


  1. I can see you are both going to enjoy redecorating your daughters room as my daughter and I did when re-doing hers earlier this year. Great that you can make use of your orphaned Amy Butler blocks too.

  2. It looks like you and your daughter are having fun redoing her room. I love the mini quilts display. Having a daughter is a special thing.

  3. I use that chair (in RED) as my sewing chair. Very comfy, even without a cushion...

  4. I love you spiderweb block, along with all of your mini's!! They look great on your daughter's wall. The "visual" helps me to understand what you were telling me I could do with mine :) I've been walking around the house planning what I can create and where to place them ;-)

    BTW...this is from your sister...haha (still have problems with blogspot)...