Monday, October 3, 2011


If you're a long time reader of my blog, you know I wear pink every day in October.  Traveling this weekend, it was nice to see that I'm not the only one.  All the Delta flight attendants were wearing pink ribbon shirts, and I saw quite a few passengers showing their support with pink attire as well.  I really get a kick out of seeing NFL players wearing their hot pink cleats and other pink accessories on game days in October!

Kickin' Cancer with Creativity pattern from Happy Sew Lucky

 I saw this cool embroidery pattern on Krista's blog and was happy to find that the pattern is available for download from Happy Sew Lucky's Etsy shop.  Best of all, the proceeds go to breast cancer research.  I can't wait to get stitching on this!

I am also waiting for my pink ribbon die to arrive in the mail and wishing I had thought to order it sooner.

I haven't made any pink ribbon projects yet this year, but need to get on the ball because my pink ribbon jeans (from 2009) are about worn out!  Since I use my pink ribbon mug and mug rug year round, I'm thinking I need to make a new pink ribbon mug rug to change things up some.  My favorite pink ribbon project to date is the Got Pink? quilt I made for my mom.

Have you seen any unique pink ribbon items?
Have an amazing day!!!!


  1. I was at Panera this morning and saw they have pink ribbon bagels... I love the stitchery--much more my style!

  2. I have a bandana that I wore on the 3-day a few years ago, and an umbrella. I lost a dear friend to breast cancer-she was a 44 year-old mother of four. We need to beat this!!!

  3. I have started the month wearing pink as well. I hate that I still am unable to fit into the jeans you made for me :( Guess I need to cut back on the sweets...haha!! Hope you are enjoying your home away from home!!!

  4. Are you in Montana?? Mark has done a cool fused glass trivet with a pink ribbon. His mother was a long-time breast cancer survivor and when she passed away in 2008, it wasn't from cancer.