Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Stuff

Take a look at my new ironing station!

The idea came from here and during my virtual retreat time yesterday I took a break from sewing and made my own!  Covering the board was surprisingly quick and easy. I have to say I was having a good time with my newly acquired staple gun ;-)  This project also gave me a use for the Amy Butler home decor fabric I accidentally purchased a long time ago.  I love this Paradise Garden fabric but mistakenly ordered the heavier weight.  Now it brightens up my studio!

This project also provided a use for one of my way too many  Longaberger baskets holding my Best Press, scissors and other important odds and ends.  The shelves hold my WIPs in a highly visible place so I can be reminded to pick up the pace ;-)

I am very proud of this new gadget...isn't it pretty?
Can you guess what it is?

Why yes...a beautifully sophisticated, handmade un-sewing tool!  Thanks to Cindy for alerting me to these cool seam rippers made by Amy's husband.

You know how one thing leads to another, right?  Well, while investigating the seam rippers, I discovered Amy's blog (really don't know how I missed it) which led me to order this book after seeing the wonderful blocks she made.  I love my enabling friends!!!

My two days of virtual retreating didn't go as planned, but I managed to get started on this mini quilt.  My car wasn't cooperating and required a visit to the dealer (which ended up taking the entire day) so not much sewing got done on day one.  However, I did take advantage of some down time in the waiting room for exploring Pinterest and found some funny word-themed pins such as  this one that might make a funny birthday card, this sisters sign and even a Hogwarts saying.

While my studio is getting a makeover, so is my front yard.  This mess greeted my daughter after school yesterday!

What new stuff are you sharing?

Have an amazing day!!!


  1. love yout ironing place, and CUTE Ripper! And isn't pinterest FUN?? I've already spent way too much time there!!

  2. Yay on the seam ripper. It's gorgeous. And Amy's blog is amazing! I'm totally jealous of your ironing station. The fabric you used is beautiful. So I keep looking at my sewing room and thinking about how to rearrange it. It just shouldn't be this difficult!

  3. My front yard is torn up, too. We take so long to finish projects though...I LOVE your new ironing station. Turning green with envy here! I just got my new seam ripper, too. :-) Mine's chartreuse! Cindy is a bad influence. LOL. I like Amy's blog now, too. That's what I needed...another blog to keep track of. Love your baskets, too! And the new quilt you're starting!