Saturday, September 10, 2011

This Past Week...

...I was too busy for blogging!

I was busy traveling, learning, sewing, meeting, quilting, photographing, sewing, photographing and traveling...

...keep reading and you'll see what I mean ;-)

Traveling:  Last weekend went to see my son and college football....whoo hoo!!!!

Learning:  Taking a class at my LQS....lots of is a little bit of what I learned.

Sewing:  October Block of the Month

Meeting:  OMQG September guild meeting

Quilting:  small item for my partner...For the Love of Solids Swap

Sewing:  another small item for my partner

Photographing:  such a sweet girl...had to take several hundred pictures more than just one!

More photographing...don't worry....I won't show ALL the pictures I took ;-)

....but I have to show this one....from when my son was in middle strange to be taking pictures of cheerleaders now rather than football players ;-)

Now back to quilting related matters.....

Sewing:  I finished sewing and quilting goodies to send For the Love of Solids Swap.

Photographing:  While taking pictures outside, a neighbor (seeming impressed) asked if I was a photographer....this same neighbor wasn't quite as impressed when informed that the photographing was because of the quilting ;-)

old picture of son...using my husband's laptop so access to MY photographs limited
Traveling:  Gone again this weekend to see middle child and college football...
 and hopefully this time...oldest son on way back home!

So...what did I miss this week...what kept you busy?

Have an amazing weekend!!!!


  1. I've been too busy for blogging, too. Busy quilting. I have soooo many deadlines. Today . . . I took the day off to spend it with My Cowboy . . . just because. I feel like I've been so busy I've even been ignoring him!

  2. You have been busy. Me, too. I think I only got two blog posts in. I hope to take a quilt class next week....I feel like I want to sit and learn for a while rather than teach others. But I don't know if the class will make. Your solids are very cool. Love how graphic they are.

  3. love the pics, solids project are great - especially the colors and your quilting! Football - great cheerleader shots of Ally and vintage Eric!

  4. You have been busy :) Your goodies for your Love Of Solids Swap are awesome. And I love seeing pictures of my beautiful niece and handsome nephews!!!! Looking forward to a busy week catching up on blogs and getting back to my own blog. I'm SO glad to be back online!!

  5. Your daughter looks nothing like you.

    Great solids quilt, and good to bee too busy to blog, sometimes, isn't it!?!

  6. @Doris ~ Don't you think Rene's daughter looks much more like her aunt...haha ;-)

  7. You really have been busy! Love the swap items you have made, your partner will be so happy!