Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Solid Love

I was thrilled to see that my For the Love of Solids [a modern swap] package was waiting for me when I arrived home.  I eagerly opened the box, and I absolutely love what I found inside!

Jessica wrote the nicest note and explained her process in making my quilt.  Notice the cute fabric scraps sewn on the bottom.  She also included some solid fabrics and this fabulous Flurry charm pack.

Check out this awesome modern improv quilt she made!!!  Isn't this cool?  I absolutely love the floating snowball blocks as well as  the quilting lines.  Amazing to believe this is only her third quilt made.

The back is just as incredible!  The colors are hard to photograph, and the rainy day didn't help.
Jessica used some linen, Kona grape, navy and made sure to throw in my favorite Kona caribbean blue!

Here's a closeup shot that highlights the quilting.  Brilliant!

I smiled when I read that Jessica was worried that the quilt she made me is too big since I had requested a mini quilt to hang.  No need to worry.....this wall has just been waiting for the perfect piece of art....

...and here it is in its new home!

My new wall quilt measures about 42ish by 46ish and is hanging on the wall behind my cutting table.
It's nice to have this beauty to look at while working.  

Here's one more photo.  Thanks so much Jessica!  Your quilt really brightens my studio!


  1. It's really gorgeous and looks great in your studio!

  2. I would never have guessed this was a third quilt, it is wonderful!

  3. Wow, Rene, it really does look like it was made for that wall! How funny that I was worried about the size :) It even seems to compliment the color of the paint pretty well. I guess if you ever got sick of it there, it could be a lap quilt! I'm sooooo glad you like it. Yay for swapping!

    (p.s. I grew up in Melbourne and my whole family still lives there. Maybe next time I visit I could meet up with you or your MQG? How fun would that be?!)

  4. You blessed girl you!!!!

    Great quilt!!

  5. I am SO thrilled that you are as happy with your swap package as I am with mine! I just read through your recent blog posts and got a kick out of the fact that you noticed we used the same King Tut thread in our projects...AND...we both hung our quilts in our sewing spaces. Too funny!