Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Finish

The "big" item for my swap partner is finished!!!!  

I posted some pictures of the WIP on the swap's Flickr pool (to make sure my partner liked it) and the Lib-Quilter's yahoo group (because of our virtual retreat), but I am going to hold off showing the completed mini quilt until it has been shipped and received.

The above picture shows a peek at the quilt top, pieced backing and possible binding material.
Originally I had in mind a teal binding, but some suggested going with an orange-red.  

So, I posted pictures on Flickr showing glimpses of both and asking for opinions.
Some favored the teal, some the orange, the red, and various combinations.

I did use teal, but I am not telling if I added any orangey-red or not...

Have an amazing and safe holiday weekend!!!!!


  1. It's beautiful. Awaiting full frontal reveal... :)

  2. Oh, Rene', it looks gorgeous! I can't wait to see the whole thing.

    Can I ask where you get your tags? And how do you get your log on them? I would love to have something like that! Thanks!

  3. I think those amazing! Love all the colors and really cool tag.