Monday, August 29, 2011

Sweet Hearts

Now that I finished my son's quilt for college, many other projects are calling to be finished.  
So, what did I do?  I started a new one!

I needed something small to work on.  This little Priority: Alzheimer's Quilt is the result.  The idea for Sweet Hearts came from quilt photos shown on Make it a Wonderful Life.  Stephanie's quilting group is quite talented, and I enjoy seeing pictures from their get-togethers.  This particular inspiration was shown back in March, thanks to Pinterest though, I knew exactly where to find it when I needed it.  I'd really love to make a large quilt like this!

I also spent some time today cleaning my studio.  The next couple of days I will be retreating online with the Lib-Quilters Yahoo group, so I wanted a clean work environment ;-)

I added a Command hook to the side of my sewing machine for keeping my little scissors handy, so I can be like my friend Michele!
Cool idea, huh?  Quilters are very generous with their ideas!

Have an amazing day!!!


  1. Love those Sweet Hearts, but my head hears "Sweettarts" !!!

    I think they were my favorite as a child!!

  2. Sweet hearts, indeed! I think this is a lovely way to begin the transition with your first fledgling to leave your nest. And I must say..your scissor holder idea is just wonderful!

  3. That is a good idea for your scissors. I like that! The hears are great. I saw another quilt like that not too long ago and had to clever and simple to make a hart from a couple of squares and a rectangle!