Monday, August 1, 2011

You're Doing What?!

That's the response my husband gave when I told him I needed to baste Eric's quilt.  I guess he hasn't been paying attention over the years...he thought basting was a cooking term only!

SuperStar is basted and ready to be quilted.  The question I ready to do the quilting? Hmm...I'll guess we'll find out soon enough ;-)

Peace Love & Happiness has been neglected.....only the center column of pinwheels have been stitched together...not looking much like a peace sign yet!

These solids are being considered for the Love of Solids swap....a few more blues are on their way....have some ideas running around in my head for this...need to draw them on paper.

Not sure which of these projects to work on today....but any one of them should be fun!

What are you going to work on today?

Have an amazing day!!!


  1. Husbands! Tell him he is hilarious cute. Oh hey wait. Legit cute? Like totally legit ;) Love how that Super Star is shaping up..goodness woman, you are coming and going in all ways! But you are gittinitdone!

  2. Kids sure keep us busy don't they!!! Husbands...what would we do without them? Bet the look on his face was the best!

  3. Basting, jelly rolls, layer cakes, honey buns...sure sounds like we are cooking ;-) Well, you know what I did today (boo), but plan on sewing tonight!!!!

  4. Oh, those solids are looking fun! I know how you feel about not being sure if you're ready to quilt something. I'm right there with you, sister!

  5. Assuming that was the back of Eric's quilt - love it! can't wait to see the final product. Love the basting comment :)