Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Making Blocks

Our quilt guild has a monthly block lotto of sorts.  It's my job (I bugged the President until she gave it to me...ha) to choose each month's block and make a sample.

Disappearing 4-patch
A second disappearing 4-patch
I've never won a set of blocks yet...probably because I don't ever make any additional blocks besides that first one.

Wonky star in black and white with primary color.

At August's meeting, there will be two chances to win! Since we didn't have a guild meeting in July, we will draw for July's blocks AND August's blocks.  I don't think my chances are very good...made two blocks for July and only one block for August.

funky holiday tree

Maybe I'll have better luck in September....hmm...probably not.  I am off to a great start, however, and I really like the theme, so who knows.  It wouldn't be a bad way to put a dent in my pile of Christmas fabric, either.

Another funky holiday tree
I made these two sample blocks and have plans for several more.  I just ran out of time.  Pinterest really helped me gather ideas for this Funky Holiday Tree theme, and I created a special board for BOM ideas.  

Someone planted the seed in my head about making an annual Sampler of OMQG BOMs.  I like that idea!!!  Of course since I haven't won any, I'll need to go back and make past blocks, but in the future I'll make an extra block to keep ;-)

Have an amazing day!!!!


  1. Each and every one of those blocks is pretty neat. I really love how you fussy cut that star on the tree block. Totally cute.

  2. Love, love, love your blocks!!! You sure know how to do "funky." They look so fun ;-)

  3. Fun blocks!! (Our q-group is exchanging blocks in August- will post as soon as I've got mine made. It's a cute present/wrapped gift with bow block.)

  4. Wonderful blocks and what a great idea! Fabulous Rene' ...and the other one 'l' Michele, way to move this already busy woman into doing even more great things!

  5. Those funky christmas tree blocks are the coolest (especially the star on the top of the first one!) I would love to do a whole Christmas quilt of funky trees. I have never yet done a wonky/funky star or tree or anything like that, can you believe it? Yeah, I can't either...