Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Latest

It's not much, but here's the latest around here...

....latest 36-patch block.  Did you know there's a Flick group for these?

....latest in sewing fashion.  Do you own one of these sexy headlamps for sewing/quilting?  
This isn't the model I wanted, but it caught my eye at I can be as cool as Terri and Toni ;-)

5,500 Quilt Block Designs

...latest on my always growing list of quilting books to buy.  Amy is making a sampler quilt with blocks from this book and using some incredibly cool fabrics!

....latest quilting photo.  Took a little break from quilting to spend time with the recipient ;-)  

What's the latest with you?
Have an amazing day!!!


  1. Today I'm attempting the impossible -- getting caught up! Not off to a very good start, either, as it's almost noon and all I've done so far today is farm stuff. Love your 36-patches!

  2. He, he, he, just call me an enabler huh? You will love the book!

  3. cute fabrics on this last 36 patch! your FMQ is coming along nicely too!

  4. Oh my gosh, you got a headlamp now too?! That is awesome!!! It works great as a reading light, but also as a nightlight if you get up in the middle of the night. So funny. Every one of us will have to have a headlamp by next year's retreat!

    Love seeing our 36-patch - such a happy block. Hope you had a great day with your son.

  5. Wow Rene' - your free motion quilting is fabulous! You go girl!

  6. Rene', I love that 36-patch block you made! How fun! Glad you are getting time with your son. My husband always keeps a headlamp at his bedside for getting up in the middle of the night. But his is one where you strap your maglight on. Trying to get some me time-sewing time in today. We'll see if it works.