Monday, August 15, 2011

Colorful Leftovers

After months of meeting my AAQI-QAM Club goal by purchasing a Priority: Alzheimer's quilt, I finally made a quilt for August...yay!

AAQI Colorful Leftovers (still waiting for registration number)
Purchasing mini quilts to help fund Alzheimer's research is a no brainer, but I want to get back into making them to keep my $1,000 Promise ;-)

I used solid white for backing and binding this mini.  I'm in the process of updating my AAQI page to include quilts I've purchased as well as made

AAQI #6082 Flower Power by Susan Chambers

Here's the one I purchased in July for my sister.  It is titled Flower Power, but I call it Happy;-)  It was the perfect quilt to give as a "happy" after our retreat weekend.  I love reading the Artist's Statements of each quilt, and this one is no's like the quilter had Michelle and I in mind!

Have a Happy Monday!!!!


  1. What a great way to use up leftover scraps and squeeze in sewing time when life gets busy!

  2. Great job! I'm loving the colors and quilting of your mini, and Happy is just that!

  3. All your news and your quilt is wonderful, Rene'. Did you hear that Ami is bringing 1,500 quilts to Houston this year...500 more than the last couple. Start quilting !!!

    Send me your registration numbers and I'll add just about anyone's quilt to my AAQI Liberated Challenge page. I want to encourage and show off these quilts for everyone and for this awesome cause that I hope will save my aging brain from its horrible DNA!!!!

  4. What a neat thing you are doing! Good job!