Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday!

I finally found a little time to sew!!!  Yeah!

I added more hexagons to my collection.  Still have a long way to go to finish this quilt along, but I'm getting there.

These strips are sewn and cut...hope to sew them together today.

I usually keep my Wonderful Wednesday posts wordless for the most part, but I have to say thank you to Sheryl of Random Threadz.

These way too cute batik moose panels safely arrived....finally.   For a week the USPS said they had been delivered, but I did not receive them.  After numerous phone calls between Sheryl and myself {which I thoroughly enjoyed despite the circumstances}, between Sheryl and the USPS on her end, and between me and the USPS {which I did not enjoy} on this end, they finally and mysteriously appeared in my mailbox {thanks I believe to a neighbor who mistakenly received them}.  

In the meantime, Sheryl located more moose panels (not available in this colorway anymore) for me and ordered them hours before I received the lost package.  She knew how much I REALLY needed wanted those moose.  I had seen some of her pattern designs and kits at Quilting in the Country and also fell in love with the unusual batiks she used.  My pictures do not do them justice.  {Click here to see a better picture and a pattern using the moose.}  I also ordered these adorable lizards, and Sheryl had thrown in an extra lizard panel and a fun frog panel.  Thanks Sheryl, you rock!

Have an amazing day!!!


  1. love those moose and lizards, looks like fun!

  2. The moose fabric is too fantastic for words! So glad to see you get a few free minutes to sew. Are you all done with moving?

  3. fun! I'm glad you solved the mystery!!

  4. Definitely a wonderful Wednesday here! I love seeing your progress with the hexagon quilt-along. I haven't touched my blocks in way too long, darn it. Happy to hear your package mysteriously arrived... finally!