Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Studio Tour

Several of you asked if I would show pictures of my new studio.  It's still a work in progress and will be for a long time.  I am thrilled to have a dedicated sewing room, but I lost my built-ins and large closet.  Instead of rushing to buy new furniture (which is how I usually operate), I will first organize my fabric stash and then evaluate the options based on my need (which is so not like me).

But as long as you keep that in mind, I'll show you a couple of pictures.  

Here is my cutting area.  It used to be the cutting and ironing spot, but I folded down the ironing side.  I like that it doesn't have to share ;-)

The iron has it's own place now.  I'm getting used to the ironing board...even though it reminds me of household chores.

The design wall hasn't been put to work yet....just some fun blocks from my 15 minutes of play.  As you can see, my husband's electronic guru hasn't hooked up my TV yet.

I moved my machine so that it faces the window now.  I love the view it provides...not the pool as before, but I get to see my birdbath given to me by my mom ;-)  It makes me smile!

Well...I hope you enjoyed the tour.  There is still work to be done, but isn't that always the way?!

Have an amazing day!!!


  1. It looks like a great room to create in! It's wonderful to have such a big design wall and also have a window to look out when you are sewing!

  2. I LOVE seeing others sewing spaces. I get to imagine them at play with much more energy and detail. Your room is cute already! Did you know that there are those who say colors in the khaki family are good for design walls? Neutral but not draining or projecting out too much. Lovely creations will most certainly be made here!

  3. what a great space to work in - you'll have it just the way you want it in no time!

  4. what a great space for you! I love the warm paint color. And I love that you have different stations for cutting, ironing and sewing. So fun to see all the creations on your design wall too. Thanks for sharing!