Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just for Michelle

I had a lovely visit with my sister and my mom the other day!!!  My sister lives in between my mom and me so we scheduled an impromptu and quick sleepover/quilting lesson.  We agreed no cameras or picture taking allowed ;-)

What we didn't plan was my sister's air-conditioner breaking (in hot south Georgia) and my car getting a flat tire just as I was exiting the highway!!!  We still found time to eat and laugh in between repairmen and tow trucks, but I basically threw the sewing machine, quilt kit and supplies at my sister and said... here you go...have fun!

So, Michelle, here you instructional video to at least get you started on cutting your fabric.

I have never spent a lot of time on You Tube and was a little overwhelmed with the amount of quilting videos out there.  Does anyone have a favorite go to quilt video you can recommend?  Thanks.

Have an amazing day!!!


  1. What a bummer! Better luck next time, like in autumn when the weather is nice and cool.

  2. Rene' - Had a great time! Our visits sure can be eventful :) Love the fabric...can't wait to get started. I'll send out an all-call if I run into difficulty...haha!

    Love you!

  3. Hey Rene', Glad you had fun despite the series of unfortunate events. My Mother and I taught ourselves to crochet on July the third. We asked my step-sister if she wanted to learn (cause we had and extra hook) she said, "No, it looks too much like cooking." It was fun!
    Have a great weekend and happy sewing!

    p.s. I got your package. Thanks you so much for thinking of me!