Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Siggy blocks and stuff

Yeah!  I received my siggy blocks from round one!  Again, I enjoyed looking through all the blocks checking the names and locations and admiring the fabrics.  Lots of variety!

This batch has more of an international flair than my round two.  I recognize some names from the second round and am pleased to see different names as well.  I'm excited to see some of my favorite bloggers represented!  One block has my maiden name...wondered if we are related...hmm.  One thing's for sure:  there are a lot of Michelle/Michele quilters out there!  Maybe the name caught my eye because it's my sister's name.

Speaking of which, I am heading in her direction now...gonna add her name to the long list of Michelle quilters! She asked for it ;-)  I have all kinds of goodies packed in my car to tempt her....rotary cutter, cutting mat, rulers, patterns, fabric, pins, Quilter's Home magazine, sewing machine.  Am I forgetting anything?

City Quilts: 12 Dramatic Projects Inspired By Urban Views

I tried to get this book today.  I went to FOUR local shops with no luck.  If I had known it would be so hard to find, I would already have ordered it!  That's what I get for trying to support my LQS...don't even get me started.  Oh well, I'll just have to wait until Amazon delivers it to my door.

Have an amazing day!!!


  1. Take your sister some wine and she'll be over to the dark side in no time!

  2. Nice to know there are lots of Michele/Michelle quilters. I hope your hook your sister!

  3. I was lucky to find that book at my LQS right when it came out. It's a great book, so I'm happy you ordered it. How fun to see all those names and locations of quilters, and the variety of fabrics too.

  4. I have recently got my sister quilting Rene. It's amazing. We have never been the closest of sisters but now we are both quilters we are so much more comfortable together, go to quilt shops, quilt shows and chat non stop. Isn't quilting great? I am so thankful.

  5. Hi Rene,

    I'm so honored that you are trying to diligently to find my book! Just an FYI...I'm selling it on my blog - signed and everything.



  6. Hope you converted your sister!
    I have the City Quilts book and love it.So many great projects. Just gave it as a gift to entice a friend into the quilting world.She loved the book when I showed her and then had a birthday so solved the present dilemma.
    I have started the "Barcode Quilt" and it looks great.

  7. You can get City Quilts at Barnes and Noble.

  8. Hey Rene'! I enjoyed our visit, although way too short. I am SO excited to begin my journey into the world of quilting. Thank you so much for getting me started (and, of course, for the words of encouragement...yes, I CAN do this). Hopefully, you will have your phone nearby to answer, what I'm sure, will be a million questions. Love you much!! Michelle