Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday!

This Wonderful Wednesday marks my 50th post.  Any ideas for celebrating?

My thinking place.

Sometimes I share my rock.

The view from my rock.

Can you blame me for "dreaming of Montana"?  Have an amazing day!!


  1. Wow, 50 posts, didn't that go fast! Love the view from your rock!

    I wonder what the folks in Montana dream of, can't imagine any place better than this.

  2. What beautiful pictures! I understand living in FL and dreaming of a place in the North (I'm dreaming of New Hampshire and Maine). Congratulations on your 50th post :)

  3. Definitely something to do with chocolate! And syrup, and nuts and whipped cream!

    Congratulations! We're all blessed by your and enjoy your blog so much! May you have many, many more posts to celebrate!

    *wishing I was laying on the rock, in the sunshine, with the wind whispering through the tree tops and soft waves lapping against the shore!

  4. What a beautiful place! I would be dreaming about going back too!

    Congratulations on your 50th post! Keep them coming...I really enjoy your blog!

  5. Congrats on the milestone!
    Now I have to add Montana to my list of places to go lol. Those are gorgeous shots.

  6. That is an amazing view from your rock. I can understand why you sit there to think.
    Congrats on your 50th post.

  7. you're gonna make me cry with those pics Rene! Where in Montana were they taken? L-man and I used to live in Kalispell and also in Belgrade. Love the scenery up there!

  8. I've never been to Montana...think I need to go there!!!