Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Contents Revealed

This morning I thought I would show you some of what I received in those packages.

These came from Amazon.  I am hoping they can help me with this project.  I haven't touched it since September.  I don't want to mess it up.

Have you heard of moo.com?  I found it quite by accident, and am so glad I did.  Moo is basically a really cool printing company.  I love their packaging.

I ordered these mini business cards, or mini moos, to use as gift tags for presents, calling cards, bookmarks, magnets and other cool uses.

Some will be used for Christmas, New Year and holiday purposes.

while others can be used for everyday gift giving and sharing.

Here is another picture.  Don't you just love them?  If you don't, lie and say you do ;-))  I ordered more products from there.  I may show you those another day.  If anyone is interested, I have some "coupons" that came with my order that can only be used for first time buyers.  Even those are cute mini cards.

Have an amazing day!!


  1. I adore the sunflowers!! And don't you just love mail? Even when you've already bought something it is do exciting to get it finally.

  2. Sew many things in one post! LOL First of all...you're too sweet to this po' old girl and what she writes. Thank you for your kind words.

    The tags are too cute! They're perfect for the updoming holidays for those much more organized than I am!

    Your sunflower mini is so beautiful! It is truly one of my favorites online so far. It's inspiring me to think about getting creative on my own...I can't wait to see where the books inspire you to take it!

    Hope you have a great day Rene'!

  3. I love that Doodle Stitching book. Your sunflower quilt will be gorgeous! I'd love one of the coupon deals from moo.com. I've been meaning to order cards from them for a while.