Thursday, November 12, 2009

Beware of Dog

Here is my guard dog Max.  Doesn't he look vicious?

He just got a bath and is wearing his reindeer bandana.  A little early for reindeers, don't you think?  Max keeps me company, follows me around the house, naps with me and doesn't talk back.  He is a sweet lap dog...until the phone rings, the doorbell rings, a neighbor walks by, kids feed the ducks across the street, etc....and then...beware of dog!!!

Here is a sneak peek at the second coin quilt I am making.  I took my daughter's advice and went with a green for the sashing.  The colors are hard to see in this picture.  I plan to share the completed quilt top tomorrow for Sew and Tell Friday.

Amy at Park City Girl is hosting a fun color wheel embroidery stitch along project.  I prepped two hoops of fabric because I thought this might be a fun project to share with my daughter.

Our family took a road trip the other day, and I played around with the stitches a little bit while my husband was driving.   Unfortunately, he was getting tired, and I had to drive back home which meant no more stitching.

I am so totally hooked on this project that I scrapped the 7" hoop for a 17" hoop and more colors.  I printed a bunch of stitching directions from Hand Embroidery Network.  I highly recommend this website.  It is full of great information.  They showcase a stitch a day with detailed step by step instructions with close up pictures.  Amy also has a link to HEN on her website.

It is not as easy as you might think to choose sixteen colors out of all the DMC embroidery floss colors available.  Amy helped quite a bit by listing the colors she used.  I would have copied hers exactly except that I messed up when drawing my lines (was too lazy to redo) and came up with a different number of sections in my color wheel.  Click here to view Amy's project instructions.  From there you can link to her previous posts regarding her color wheel project.

See you tomorrow for Sew and Tell Friday.  Have an amazing day!!


  1. I love that color wheel, too! Somewhere I saw someone made a color wheel Christmas tree skirt and it was fantastic!

    Your dog is very cute!

  2. I he a Maltese? He looks like my two, very vicious ;)
    I've been thinking of doing the colour wheel once I finish a few Christmas projects, because that one is for me lol.

  3. Maxxy needs a friend! A cute, furry little fluff that keeps him too busy to bark! LOL

    The color wheel (as an art major in college) intriqued me...but, there is so much on my plate, I can't even see through this week! LOL Yours is going to be fantabulous! The coin quilt is beautiful and I'm so in awe over the progress you've made!

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Do you ever sleep?? You save me so much time by finding all this cool stuff on the internet. I've quit looking for new things, I just wait for you to find it for me.

    Max, the perfect name for a dog, we had a Max. I like the reindeer bandana.

    Good luck with that color wheel, I'm intrigued by it.

    OK, you've got one coin quilt to, use black!!